Credit Card Use

How to Make Purchases Online Using Your Credit Card Without Taking Risks?

People are afraid to leave their personal data on the net because they do not want to become victims of scammers. According to research, a quarter of users interrupted purchases on the Internet, when they faced the need to entrust personal data to the online store. The fear of online shopping is even described in several scientific works as a phobia. And yet, over the years people are less afraid of online card and smartphone

What data should you enter when pay by card on the Internet?

Banks and payment systems require you to enter the first and last name of the owner, the card number, the card authentication code (three-digit code on the reverse side) and the validity period of the card when paying by card. Authentication code – CVC or CVV2 – serves as additional protection against fraud: if someone steals your 16-digit number and other information from the front of the card, you will not be able to use money without a three-digit code. If all this data falls into the hands of hackers – this is a problem. But most often companies do not store the entire set of data in one database.

Why do you need to enter all these data?

credit card onlineThe paradox is that the data that people are so afraid of introducing when paying is needed just to protect them from fraud. Visa and MasterCard payment systems have security systems – 3D Secure and SecureCode. These systems allow the bank to confirm that the payment is made by the owner, and not the one who illegally seized the card or data from the card. The payment system asks to enter a one-time password – the bank can send it in a message to the phone number that you specified when registering the account. Some banks pre-issue a set of one-time passwords or a special gadget that generates them. Some banks issue a set of reusable passwords – this is the least secure option. A fraudster can steal your card and try to buy something from your face on the Internet, but if he does not receive a one-time password, he will not succeed. When paying, stores redirect customers to the bank page so that they can enter a password. If something goes different, it probably means that the store does not support 3D Secure / SecureCode.

How to reduce the risk that criminals will buy something from your card?

credit cards in walletIt is better not to store a mobile phone or gadget for generating passwords in one bag with a purse. Do not keep in your wallet a payment card and a card with a set of one-time passwords. And: 90% banks send temporary passwords via SMS. If you often travel and use a local SIM card, it is better to ask the bank for a gadget to generate passwords. This method is considered the most reliable, so when it is used, many banks raise the limits on operations.

If you are afraid to publish data on your main bank card on the Internet, you can create a special virtual card for purchases on the network. This card is issued both Visa and MasterCard. This card is not tied to your main account. Before each purchase on it it is necessary to transfer the necessary sum. A virtual card is very cheap to maintain, but in regular stores it is impossible to pay.

What to do if you find out that someone had made a purchase from your account?

Urgently apply to your bank – by law, it is the bank that is responsible for this and must pay damages if it can not prove that you are to blame for everything. In case the purchase is made in a store that does not support 3DSecure / SecureCode, the bank can demand this money from the store. If you apply later than one day after the cancellation, the bank has the right to refuse to pay damages.

Rules to Follow When Paying Online

  • First of all, it is highly recommended not to pay for purchases from other people’s computers. Use only your personal computer to do this. This will preserve the confidentiality of your personal data and information about the card. After all, many online services save entered passwords and numbers, which can become easy prey for card and tab
  • Also, it is not recommend buying from public places, such as Internet cafes or gaming computer clubs. In addition to the risk indicated in the previous paragraph, cameras can be installed in such places, recording all the information you enter.
  • To make purchases, use only trusted sites and online stores. If you or your friends did not make purchases from this site, then look for reviews on the Internet. Either buy in well-known online stores, which name is well-known and actively advertised.
  • When entering data, verify that the connection to the website is via a secure connection https://
  • If the site offers payment through PayPal, choose this option – first, your card data will not be disclosed, and secondly, in case of disagreements with the seller, you can open a dispute and return the money.
  • Do not enter your card PIN code on the site, this information is not needed for making purchases. Confirmation of payment is the input of the security code of the card CVC2 / CVV2 – this is 3 or 4 digits printed on the back of your card. You will also need to enter the card number, expiration date and the name and name of the holder.
  • If your account has a large amount of money, then refrain from buying it on it or set a daily limit on transactions. This can be done in Internet banks, or by contacting the office.
  • Connect the service of SMS-informing. It will allow you to monitor all operations online. Of course, in most cases for SMS-informing it will be necessary to pay a monthly fee but the peace of mind is worth it.