15 Top Remote Jobs With No Experience + Monthly Salary - Elna Cain (2023)

How many people do you know work from home?

Probably quite a few!

Especially compared to just a few years ago.

15 Top Remote Jobs With No Experience + Monthly Salary - Elna Cain (1)

That’s because many jobs that once had to be done in an office can now be done from home – and many jobs can be done by freelancers on a flexible schedule.

And the best part?

A ton of them can be done with no experience!

Can you imagine?

No more traveling to and from work.

Making your own hours and schedule. Unlimited vacation days.

You can do all of this by working from home doing remote jobs and without the need for a fancy education or years of experience.

If this sounds amazing to you, here are the top remote jobs with no experience to get you started on your earning-from-home journey!

Can I Earn a Living Doing Remote Jobs With No Experience?

15 Top Remote Jobs With No Experience + Monthly Salary - Elna Cain (2)

I always say that when it comes to working from home and earning an income, the amount of money you make depends on your drive and passion!

Unless you find a remote job that pays an hourly wage, most positions are going to be freelance – which means you will get paid according to the amount of work you do.

So, of course, the more time and effort you put into a remote freelance job, the more you will make!

The average monthly salaries listed for each job below are more in line with those who have experience in each job.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make money if you don’t have experience!

Think of the average salaries as an earning potential – the more you work at it, the more lucrative it will be.

Experience Versus Skills

I know the idea of making money from home with no experience sounds really exciting! And, trust me, it’s a very real possibility.

But it’s important to note that in order to find success with remote jobs with no experience, you have to have some skills.

They don’t have to be ground-shaking, uber-impressive skills – you just have to know how to do the job!

So, if you want to become a remote writer, you need to know how to type and write.

If you want to do web design, you need to know how to design websites.

What you don’t need for these remote jobs is tons of experience or an expansive portfolio of work!

(Video) EASY WRITING JOBS FOR BEGINNERS TO GET PAID TO WRITE ($100-$200) // Make money writing as a newbie

I guess my point here is that, when considering a remote job, think about what you can do and what you are passionate about!

And with that in mind, let’s look at some amazing remote jobs you can do with no experience:

1. Proofreader/Editor

15 Top Remote Jobs With No Experience + Monthly Salary - Elna Cain (3)

Average Monthly Salary: $4,000

If you have a knack for spelling and grammar, you can become a proofreader or editor (or both!) by working at home and helping clients tidy up their written content.

Proofreading involves touching up spelling and grammatical errors, while editing means going a bit more in-depth into the content to fix up flow and clarity.

You can check out some online proofreading jobs here or take a look at editing jobs for beginners.

2. Writer

Average Monthly Salary: $5,000

As a remote job, writing encompasses so many possibilities!

You can become a freelance writer (which is what I’ve been doing since 2014!) and write content for clients.

The content you write can vary, and the sky is the limit!

As a writer, you can make money writing things, such as:

  • Blog posts and articles
  • Books
  • Ad campaigns
  • Emails
  • Social media posts
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • White papers
  • And more!

Check out my post here for remote writing jobs to get started!

3. Virtual Assistant

Average Monthly Salary: $3,300

Virtual assistants are paid to help clients and businesses with online tasks such as answering emails and comments, posting on social media accounts, bookkeeping, graphic design, and more!

If it can be done online, it can be done by a virtual assistant.

4. Social Media Manager

15 Top Remote Jobs With No Experience + Monthly Salary - Elna Cain (4)

Average Monthly Salary: $4,200

If you like the idea of working at home doing administrative tasks, you can focus on becoming a social media manager.

This remote job involves managing a client’s social media account, from posting fresh content to sharing information, and engaging with followers.

5. Data Entry

Average Monthly Salary: $2,900

Data entry is not the highest-paying remote job out there, and by nature, it’s a repetitive job. However, some people prefer a low-stress and easy job!

Data entry jobs typically involve filling out forms and entering data into tables and spreadsheets for clients.

6. Web Designer

Average Monthly Salary: $3,300

Web design is a multi-faceted remote job that can involve working behind-the-scenes to build a website or focusing on visual elements such as color, layout, and navigation.

Or both!

(Video) 24 Short Writing Jobs that Pay Up to $1,000 | easy online writing jobs to work from home.

You will need some know-how when it comes to coding languages such as CSS, HTML, and Javascript.

7. Website Manager

Average Monthly Salary: $5,000

If you want to get involved with websites but don’t know how to code, don’t worry!

You can earn money by becoming a website manager.

Website managers deal with the day-to-day maintenance of a site, such as going through and answering comments, updating plugins, and maintaining and updating website content.

8. Graphic Designer

Average Monthly Salary: $3,800

If you’re looking for creative remote jobs with no experience, you should consider becoming a graphic designer!

Graphic designers produce designs using visuals, including logos, web images, advertisements, brochures, book covers, and more.

9. Video Editor

Average Monthly Salary: $3,900

As a video editor, you can work at home putting together recorded material into a finished project by combining footage with audio, graphics, and special effects.

This may involve creating YouTube videos, training videos, ads, course videos, and more.

10. Online Tutor

15 Top Remote Jobs With No Experience + Monthly Salary - Elna Cain (5)

Average Monthly Salary: $4,000

The great thing about becoming an online tutor is that you don’t need any advanced or fancy degrees! You just have to be knowledgeable in a particular subject.

Just make sure you are one educational level above your students.

11. English Teacher

Average Monthly Salary: $3,000

Sites like VIPKid and Skooli will pay native English speakers to teach English to children in foreign countries, especially China.

Instead of traveling around the world, you can do this remote job from the comfort of your own home!

12. Transcriber

Average Monthly Salary: $3,700

Transcribers need a good ear and fast fingers in order to type out audio from sources such as videos, interviews, and podcasts.

Many transcribing companies will require that you pass a skills test, but if you have the chops, you can start your own transcribing services.

13. Translator

Average Monthly Salary: $2,500

If you speak another language, you can do remote jobs with no experience that involve translating.

You can become an interpreter for call centers or translate materials for courses and other written content.

14. Customer Service

Average Monthly Salary: $3,000

Since the pandemic, more and more call centers are hiring remote customer service representatives to work from home.

(Video) Beginner Freelance Writing Jobs to See | the first freelance writing work I did as a beginner

Keep in mind that this type of remote job is not as flexible as the others, and you will be expected to work on a schedule.

15. Online Coach

Average Monthly Salary: $4,000

I love the idea of becoming an online coach! If you have found success doing something in your life, you can share your skills with clients and work from home.

You can become a financial coach, career coach, family coach, life coach, and more.

How to Land a Remote Job

15 Top Remote Jobs With No Experience + Monthly Salary - Elna Cain (6)

Now that you have an idea of the types of remote jobs with no experience that are out there, how do you go about getting one?

Let’s take a look:

1. Through Job Boards

Your best bet when you’re just getting started is to look for remote jobs on job boards.

Just keep in mind, however, that not all job boards are created equally!

Here are some of my top picks you should check out:

  • Indeed
  • Monster
  • SimplyHired
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • Contena

Or you can visit job boards specifically geared toward remote jobs, such as Working Nomads, Crunchboard, Behance, JustRemote, and Remotive.

For more job board recommendations, check out my post about legit job search sites here.

2. By Starting a Blog

Even if you don’t plan on becoming a writer, having a blog can be beneficial to finding remote work!

It gives you an opportunity to showcase who you are and what you can do.

For example, if you want to become an online tutor, you can create a site that details your experience and tutoring services. You can also share handy tips on your blog posts if you want to.

You can share your blog around social media or use SEO to bump it up in Google’s search results.

3. With Cold Pitching

Cold pitching involves finding a client you want to work with and reaching out to them through email to introduce yourself and your services.

These sites aren’t looking for remote workers so it’s your job to convince them otherwise.

You can find potential clients on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter, do a Google search, or contact local businesses.

Cold pitching is not as scary as it seems!

But if you’re not ready to cold pitch, you can warm pitch too.

This involves creating an informal relationship with a potential client by doing things like following them on social media, tagging them in posts, replying to their posts, sending out an LOI – whatever you can do to get on their radar before sending them a pitch.

Have More Questions? I Have Answers!

Again, the idea of working remotely from home is exciting, and I want to make sure you’re fully prepared to make this amazing career leap – whether you are looking to do this full-time or want to build up a side hustle.

So, to help you out, here are some frequently asked questions about remote jobs:

1. Are Remote Jobs Legit?

15 Top Remote Jobs With No Experience + Monthly Salary - Elna Cain (7)Unfortunately, there are some remote jobs out there that are scammy. Look for red flags such as:

  • Job ads offering lucrative pay for little work (it’s too good to be true!).
  • The employer using a generic email like Gmail or Yahoo.
  • Being asked for personal financial information.
  • Employers offering you a position after a short interview.

Is There a Difference Between Remote Work and Working From Home?

If you really want to get into semantics, some may say that remote work involves working for a company at home instead of at an office, while working from home means working for yourself.

(Video) How to Write Articles & Earn Money as a Beginner | get paid to write articles & work from home

However, I think these two terms can be used interchangeably since working remotely implies that you can work from whatever location you choose, including home.

2. What Are Some Challenges When It Comes to Remote Work?

Everybody faces different challenges when it comes to working a remote job. Some may struggle with being alone and isolated, while others may enjoy the quietude.

Some people may struggle to maintain their own schedule, while others bask in the glory of flexibility.

After a few months you will figure out if these remote jobs are for you. You may come to find out they are not or you might want to see it through and find ways to streamline your work and have a process with your business.

3. How Can I Stay Productive Doing a Remote Job?

If you do end up working a remote job that allows you flexibility, it’s important to stay on task!

You can increase your productivity by planning your day and week ahead, setting your work hours, taking breaks, and working in sessions.

Ready to Get Started?

Between companies hiring more remote workers and looking for more freelancers to get the job done, there is no shortage of opportunities if you want to work from home – even weekend jobs too!

Think of the flexibility.

The earning potential. The lifestyle!

And all with no experience!

Which remote job are you excited about?

Let me know in the comments!

Share this post with your friends!


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What is the highest paying remote job with no experience? ›

6 High-Paying Remote Jobs You Can Land With No Remote Experience
  1. Remote Developer. ...
  2. Remote Web Designer. ...
  3. Remote Project Manager. ...
  4. Remote Content Writer and SEO Marketing Manager. ...
  5. Remote Virtual Assistant and Remote Office Manager. ...
  6. Remote Customer Support Specialists.

What is the highest paying remote job? ›

The Best Paying Remote Jobs in November 2022
  • Product Manager. ...
  • UI/UX Designer. ...
  • Network Engineer. ...
  • IT Manager. ...
  • Database Administrator. ...
  • Financial Reporting Systems Analyst. ...
  • Software Implementation Consultant. Browse the Latest Remote Software Implementation Consultant Jobs. ...
  • 5 Steps to Getting a Remote Job This Week. Next.
25 Oct 2022

What is the easiest job to do remotely? ›

Remote jobs that don't require a degree
  • Customer service representative.
  • Data entry.
  • Medical coder.
  • Tutor.
  • Transcriptionist.
  • Virtual assistant.

What remote job I can do without experience? ›

No Experience Remote jobs
  • First Direct - Customer Service Representative. Alexander Mann Solutions for HSBC4.0. ...
  • Home Helper. ...
  • First Direct - Customer Service Representative. ...
  • Waking Night Residential Childcare Worker. ...
  • Disability Assessor. ...
  • Support Worker. ...
  • Researcher, Trainee.

What is the highest paying beginner job? ›

5 Highest Paid Entry-Level Jobs In The United States In 2022
  • Software Developer.
  • Economist.
  • Investment Banker.
  • Market Research Analyst.
  • Actuarial Assistant.
  • The Bottom Line.

How can I make a lot of money with remote? ›

How to make money at home
  1. Become a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant (VA) provides clients with administrative services from a remote location, such as a home office. ...
  2. Pet sitting. ...
  3. Sell your possessions online. ...
  4. Tutor students online. ...
  5. Start a blog. ...
  6. Sell services online. ...
  7. Sell consulting services. ...
  8. Launch an online store.

What jobs pay a lot from home? ›

15 higher-paying work-from-home jobs
  1. Blogger. National average salary: $43,878 per year. ...
  2. Tutor. National average salary: $50,379 per year. ...
  3. Translator/interpreter. National average salary: $53,090 per year. ...
  4. Grant writer. ...
  5. Medical coder. ...
  6. Freelance marketing consultant. ...
  7. Technical writer. ...
  8. Graphic designer.

How can I make 6 figures from home? ›

Six-figure work from home jobs
  1. Senior consultant.
  2. IT security specialist.
  3. Product manager.
  4. Senior web developer.
  5. Front-End developer.
  6. Audit manager.
  7. Technical lead.
  8. Actuary.

What are the most lonely jobs? ›

There are times when we all wish we had more alone time, but there are certain occupations that take isolation to a whole new level.
  1. Crew Member, Concordia Station in Antarctica. ...
  2. Winter Caretaker, Yellowstone National Park. ...
  3. Service Person, Thule Air Base. ...
  4. Fire Lookout, Gila National Forest.

What is the most common work from home job? ›

20 Most Popular Jobs You Can Do From Home
  • Web Developer.
  • Medical Coder.
  • Territory Sales Manager.
  • Nurse.
  • Data Analyst.
  • Editor.
  • Case Manager.
  • UX/UI Designer.

What is the most remote job? ›

The 10 best jobs with the most access to remote work, according to Glassdoor—many pay over $100,000
  • Solutions engineer. ...
  • Machine learning engineer. ...
  • Product marketing manager. ...
  • Enterprise architect. ...
  • Scrum master. ...
  • Realtor. ...
  • Customer success manager. ...
  • Cloud engineer.
7 Feb 2022

What jobs can I do from home on my own time? ›

10 Flexible Jobs That Let You Set Your Own Hours
  • Consultant. Consultants allow people to share their experience and knowledge with others to better their lives and business practices. ...
  • Data Entry. ...
  • Graphic Designer. ...
  • Medical Coder. ...
  • Transcriptionist. ...
  • Translator. ...
  • Web Developer. ...
  • Writer.

What is the easiest online job for beginners? ›

If you're not sure what kind of roles to look for, here's a list of online jobs to consider that require little or no experience:
  1. Data Entry Clerk. ...
  2. Proofreader or Copy Editor. ...
  3. Administrative, Virtual, or Executive Assistant. ...
  4. Social Media Coordinator or Manager. ...
  5. Graphic Designer. ...
  6. Writer. ...
  7. Customer Service Representative.
19 Apr 2022

How can I make money fast without a job? ›

How to Make Money Without a Job: 11 Ways in 2022
  1. Get paid to test websites.
  2. Become a crowdworker.
  3. Design and sell t-shirts.
  4. Work as a transcriber.
  5. Shop for others.
  6. Sell crafts online.
  7. Get paid to pet sit.
  8. Sell your photos online.
8 Feb 2022

What is the easiest job to get hired for? ›

The top easiest jobs to get are waiting tables, a customer service specialist, and a retail clerk. Most of these jobs listed require great customer service skills and strong communication skills.

What jobs pay the most money without a degree? ›

Here are the highest paying jobs without a college degree:
  • Patrol Officer.
  • Executive Assistant.
  • Sales Representative.
  • Flight Attendant.
  • Electrician.
  • Plumber.
  • Wind Turbine Technician.

How can I make an extra $1000 a month? ›

26 Ways to Make an Extra $1,000 a Month
  1. Freelance Writing. I'm going to start with a method that's near and dear to my heart. ...
  2. Graphic Design. ...
  3. Web Development. ...
  4. Audio Transcription. ...
  5. Helping People with Computers. ...
  6. Investing Your Money. ...
  7. Selling Your Old Stuff. ...
  8. Retail Arbitrage.
2 Nov 2021

How can I make 100 dollars a day? ›

How to make $100 a day: 36 creative ways to make money
  1. Take part in research (up to $150/hour) ...
  2. Get paid to take surveys. ...
  3. Get paid to watch videos online. ...
  4. Answer questions for money. ...
  5. Download this app and make money by going online. ...
  6. Get paid to play games online. ...
  7. 7. Make an extra $100 pet sitting. ...
  8. Become a shopper.
3 Nov 2022

What business can I start remote? ›

7 Fully Remote Businesses You Can Start
  • Content creation services. Interested in a small business membership? ...
  • Translation services. ...
  • Virtual assistant. ...
  • Travel planning. ...
  • Personal shopping. ...
  • Consulting. ...
  • IT and web development.
16 Feb 2022

How can I earn fast money? ›

Other Ways To Make Money Quickly
  1. Become a Ride-Share Driver. Average income of up to $377 per month. ...
  2. Make Deliveries for Amazon or Uber Eats. ...
  3. Become a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker. ...
  4. Get a Babysitting Gig. ...
  5. Install Christmas Lights for the Holidays. ...
  6. Become a Home Organizer. ...
  7. Help With Home Gardening. ...
  8. Assist With Deliveries or Moving.
19 Nov 2021

Can I live without working? ›

Most workers dream of the day when they no longer have to work, either by striking it rich or retiring with a hefty amount of money in their accounts. As it turns out, you can live without a job and be ok! In fact, many people do it! It's just a matter of putting the right plan in place.

How can I make $500 from home? ›

  1. 45 WAYS TO MAKE AN EXTRA $500 A MONTH. ...
  2. Become a Virtual Assistant and Make Extra Money. ...
  3. Work from Home as a Virtual Bookkeeper. ...
  4. Share Your Opinion While Watching Nextflix for Extra Cash. ...
  5. Make Money on the Side Tutoring. ...
  6. Make an Extra $500 With Cash Back Apps and Credit Card Rewards. ...
  7. Selling on eBay to Make Extra Money.
5 Nov 2022

What companies are going 100% remote? ›

Below is a list of the top 100 remote companies hiring right now.
  • Doist. Doist is a globally distributed team that specializes in productivity software, including two flagship products: Todoist and Twist. ...
  • Close. ...
  • Frontastic. ...
  • GitBook. ...
  • Atlassian. ...
  • GoDaddy. ...
  • Shopify. ...
  • Spotify.
9 Jan 2022

What is the happiest company to work for? ›

  • Comparably published its annual list about the places where employees seem to be happiest.
  • HubSpot placed number one in the 2022 edition of the large employer ranking.
  • RingCentral and Adobe followed behind HubSpot on the list of companies and government agencies with over 500 employees.
3 Oct 2022

Are there high paying remote jobs? ›

According to Payscale.com Data Scientist is the highest paying remote job at the moment with an average base salary of $96,589.

What are the 5 happiest jobs? ›

The 10 Happiest and Most Satisfying Jobs
  • Dental Hygienist.
  • Physical Therapist.
  • Radiation Therapist.
  • Optometrist.
  • Human Resources Manager.

What is the best peaceful job? ›

100 Least Stressful Jobs (Find a Peaceful Work Experience That Fits You)
  • Accounting Clerk. The job of an accounting clerk is routinized and straightforward. ...
  • Actuary. ...
  • AirBnB Lister. ...
  • Art Director. ...
  • Art Model. ...
  • Artist. ...
  • Astronomer. ...
  • Audio Or Video Transcriber.

What is the most depressed job? ›

According to the CDC, construction workers are some of the most depressed people in the country, and they have one of the highest rates of suicide. There could be many reasons for this, but one of them stems from the general feeling that construction is a “dead end” career.

What job is most in demand right now? ›

12 high demand jobs
  • Financial manager. ...
  • Medical assistant. ...
  • Software developer. ...
  • Market research analyst. ...
  • Substance abuse counselor. ...
  • Health services manager. ...
  • Statistician. ...
  • Nurse practitioner.
13 Jul 2022

What are remote anywhere hot jobs today? ›

The most popular job titles include:
  • Copywriter.
  • Executive Assistant.
  • Front-End Developer.
  • Marketing Manager.
  • Product Manager.
  • Recruiter.
  • Social Media Manager.
  • Web Designer.

How can I make money while I am at home? ›

  1. Become a virtual assistant. One easy way to earn money from home is to help others complete tasks as a virtual assistant. ...
  2. Sell stuff on eBay or Craigslist. ...
  3. Trade cryptocurrency. ...
  4. Online tutoring. ...
  5. Sell services on Fiverr. ...
  6. Build sales funnels. ...
  7. Rent out your home. ...
  8. Launch an ecommerce site.

How can I work online and get paid immediately? ›

Here's How to Work Online and Get Paid Instantly
  1. Branded Surveys.
  2. Survey Junkie.
  3. Opinion Outpost.
  4. Ibotta.
  5. Upside.
  6. Swagbucks.
  7. Amazon MTurk.
  8. Mindswarms. Work online and get paid every week.

How can a beginner make money online fast? ›

How Can a Beginner Make Money Online?
  1. Sell your clutter.
  2. Tutor or teach online.
  3. Sell products on Amazon.
  4. Rent out your belongings.
  5. Earn rewards.
  6. Start a blog.
  7. Sell handmade goods.
  8. Start a drop-shipping business.
24 Oct 2022

How can I make $200 a day? ›

Here are a variety of things you can do to bring in $200 or more a day:
  1. Take Online Surveys.
  2. Invest.
  3. Pet Sit.
  4. Babysit.
  5. Be an Airbnb Host.
  6. Freelance on Fiverr or Upwork.
  7. Take Jobs on TaskRabbit.
  8. Become a Social Media Manager.
29 Sept 2022

How can I earn cash in hand? ›

Make free money
  1. Get paid for music. SliceThePie will reward up to 10p for every song you listen to and rate. ...
  2. Share deals. LatestDeals hand out vouchers for people who share deals on its website. ...
  3. Earning cashback. ...
  4. Surf the web for cash. ...
  5. Install an app. ...
  6. Refer a friend. ...
  7. Enter competitions. ...
  8. Cashback at the checkout.

How can I earn money daily? ›

12 Ways to Make Money Online
  1. Work as an Insurance POSP. ...
  2. Look for Freelancing Work. ...
  3. Try Content Writing Jobs. ...
  4. Start Blogging. ...
  5. Sell Your Digital Products. ...
  6. Look For Translation Jobs Online. ...
  7. Beta Test Apps and Websites Before They are Released. ...
  8. Work as a Travel Agent.

How can I make 100k a year remotely? ›

With that in mind, here are some in-demand, high-paying remote jobs that can earn you a salary of $100,000 or more:
  1. Psychiatrist. Average salary: $217,265. ...
  2. Medical director. Average salary: $135,012. ...
  3. Data scientist. ...
  4. Software engineer. ...
  5. Actuarial analyst. ...
  6. Senior business analyst. ...
  7. Senior product manager. ...
  8. UX architect.
14 Feb 2019

Do remote workers get paid more? ›

Within the professional services industries in the U.S., remote workers are twice as likely to earn above the local median pay for non-remote workers in the same industry: 17% to 58% more, found a recent study of nearly 36,000 companies by payroll and benefits firm Gusto.

What can I do to make 1 000 in a month? ›

Job ideas for how to make $1000 a month
  1. Freelance writing. Freelance writing can be a lucrative way to produce extra income. ...
  2. Virtual assistant. If you are a fairly organized person, then you could excel as a virtual assistant. ...
  3. Online English tutor. ...
  4. Data entry. ...
  5. Proofreading. ...
  6. Blogging. ...
  7. Social media manager. ...
  8. Resume writer.
28 Jul 2022

What is the most flexible remote job? ›

Flexible jobs allow you to balance your priorities in a less stressful manner and maintain a better work-life balance.
High-Paying Jobs With Flexible Hours
  • Web Designer. ...
  • Speech-Language Pathologist. ...
  • Sales Representative. ...
  • Genetic Counselor. ...
  • Software Developer. ...
  • Social Media Managers. ...
  • Online Tutor. ...
  • Dog Walker.
30 Jun 2022

How can I make 2000 a month remotely? ›

How to Make an Extra $2,000 a Month Working From Home
  1. Freelance Writing. ...
  2. Become a Virtual Assistant. ...
  3. Give Direct Sales a Go. ...
  4. Try One of These Side Hustle Ideas. ...
  5. Become a Freelancer. ...
  6. Get Creative. ...
  7. Start a Blog. ...
  8. Become a Proofreader.
17 Jan 2022

Do people work 2 full-time remote jobs? ›

And while working a side hustle in addition to a full-time role isn't unheard of, some people are working multiple full-time, remote jobs. While it's likely to result in a much higher income, having more than one full-time job has some definite downsides.


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