Install and use behind a firewall or proxy server - Visual Studio (Windows) (2023)


Used to shorten URLs, which then resolve into longer URLsStart to display Developer News shown on the start page (Visual Studio 2017 only)Targeted



Used to filter a global list of notifications to a list that is applicable only to specific types of machines/usage scenariosExtension


443Used to provide notifications when an installed extension has an update available

Used as a sign-in location

AI Project
Used to configure new projects to send usage data to your registered Application Insights accountCode
codelens.visualstudio.com443Used to provide information in the editor about when a file was last updated, the timeline of changes, the work items that changes are associated with, the authors, and moreExperimental
feature enablingvisualstudio-devdiv-c2s.msedge.net80Used to activate experimental new features or feature changesIdentity "badge"
(user name and avatar)

443Used to display the user's name and avatar in the IDE

Used to make sure that setting changes roam from one machine to another

Remote Settingsaz700632.vo.msecnd.net443Used to turn off extensions that are known to cause problems in Visual StudioWindows

https/443Used for Windows app store scenariosJSON Schema

JSON Schema

JSON Schema
Support for
Azure Resources

(Video) How To Setup PROXY SERVER Settings In Google Chrome | Proxy Settings On Windows 10 PC




Used to discover and download JSON schemas that the user might use when editing JSON documents

Used to obtain the meta-validation schema for JSON

Used to obtain the current schema for Azure Resource Manager deployment templates

NPM package


http/80 &

Required for searching for NPM packages, and used for client-side script package installation in web projectsBower package

Bower package



Provides the default bower package icon

Provides the ability to search for Bower packages


NuGet package


http/80 &

Used to verify signed NuGet packages.

Required for searching for NuGet packages and versions

(Video) How to allow an app through the Windows 10 firewall

GitHub repository informationapi.github.comhttps/443Required for getting additional information about bower packagesWeb

Explorer template

Explorer project

Used to discover online templates from our recommended feed and from GitHub repositories

Used to create a project from a cookiecutter template that requires a one-time on-demand installation of a cookiecutter Python package from the Python package index (PyPI)

Python package

Python package


https/443Provides the ability to search for pip packages

Used to install pip automatically if it is missing

Used to resolve the following new Python project templates to cookiecutter template URLs:
- Classifier Project
- Clustering Project
- Regression Project
- PyGame using PyKinect
- Pyvot Project

Office web
Verification to validate manifests for Office web add-insSharePoint and
outlook.comhttps/443Used to publish and test SharePoint and Office Add-ins to SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365Workflow Manager
Test Service
Hosthttp/12292A firewall rule that is created automatically for testing SharePoint add-ins with workflowsAutomatically collected
reliability statistics
and other
Customer Experience
Improvement Programs (CEIP)
for Azure SDK and
for SQL Tools

https/443Used to send reliability statistics (crash/unresponsive data) from the user to Microsoft. Actual crash/unresponsive dumps will still be uploaded if Windows Error Reporting is enabled; only statistical information will be suppressed;
Used to reveal usage patterns for the Azure Tools SDK extension to Visual Studio, and for usage patterns for the SQL tooling to Visual StudioVisual Studio
Customer Experience
Improvement Program (CEIP)

https/443Used to collect usage patterns and error logs

Used to track UI freeze issues

Creation and
Management of
Azure for creating Azure Websites or other resources to support the publishing of web applications, Azure Functions, or WebJobsUpdated web publish tooling
checks and extension
recommendationsmarketplace.visualstudio.comhttps/443Used for checking for the availability of updated publish tooling. If disabled, a potential recommended extension for web publishing may not be shownUpdated Azure Resource
Creation Endpoint Information* to update the endpoints used for the creation of Azure Resources for certain Azure Services. If disabled, the last downloaded or built in endpoint locations are used insteadRemote debugging and
Remote profiling of
Azure Websites*
*.azurewebsites.net4022Used for attaching the remote debugger to Azure Websites. If disabled, attaching the remote debugger to Azure Websites will not workActive Directory to provision new Azure Active Directory applications. Also used by the Microsoft 365 MSGraph- connected service providerAzure Functions
CLI Update
Checkfunctionscdn.azureedge.nethttps/443Used for checking for updated versions of the Azure Functions CLI. If disabled, a cached copy (or the copy carried by the Azure Functions component) of the CLI will be used
gradle.orghttp/80 &
https/443HTTP is used for Gradle downloads during build; HTTPS is used to include Cordova plug-ins in projectsCloud Explorer1. <clusterendpoint>
Service Fabric
2. <management endpoint>
General Cloud Exp
3. <graph endpoint>
General Cloud Exp
4. <storage account endpoint>
Storage Nodes
5. <Azure portal URLs>
General Cloud Exp
6. <key vault endpoints>
Azure Resource Manager VM Nodes
7. <PublicIPAddressOfCluster>
Service Fabric Remote debugging and ETW Traces
2. https/443
3. https/443
4. https/443
5. https/443
6. https/443
7.tcp/dynamic1. Example:
2. Retrieves subscriptions and retrieves/manages Azure resources
3. Retrieves Azure Stack subscriptions
4. Manages Storage resources (example:
5. "Open in Portal" context menu option (opens a resource in the Azure portal)
6. Creates and uses key vaults for VM debugging (Example:

7. Dynamically allocates block of ports based on number of nodes in the cluster and the available ports. 

A port block will try to get three times the number of nodes with minimum of 10 ports.

(Video) Run Web Application or Web Services from Visual Studio in IIS Express and access from Network

For Streaming traces, an attempt is made to get the port block from 810. If any of that port block is already used, then an attempt is made to get the next block, and so on. (It the load balancer is empty, then ports from 810 are most likely used)

Similarly for debugging, four sets of the ports blocks are reserved:
- connectorPort: 30398, 
- forwarderPort: 31398, 
- forwarderPortx86: 31399,
- fileUploadPort: 32398

Cloud Services1. RDP



4. *


6. <user's cloud service>
<user's VM>.<region>

1. rdp/3389

2. https/443

3. https/443

4. https/443

5. https/443

6. tcp
a) 30398
b) 30400
c) 31398
d) 31400
e) 32398
f) 32400

1. Remote Desktop to Cloud Services VM

2. Storage account component of the private diagnostics configuration

3. Azure portal

4. Server Explorer - Azure Storage * is customer named storage account

5. Links to open the portal / Download the subscription certificate / Publish settings file

(Video) Visual Studio 2019 - Use Proxy Server For File Download

6. a) Connector local port for remote debug for cloud service and VM
6. b) Connector public port for remote debug for cloud service and VM
6. c) Forwarder local port for remote debug for cloud service and VM
6. d) Forwarder public port for remote debug for cloud service and VM
6. e) File uploader local port for remote debug for cloud service and VM
6. f) File uploader public port for remote debug for cloud service and VM

Service Fabric1.


3. *


https/4431. Documentation

2. Create Cluster feature

3. The * is the Azure key vault name (Example:-

4. The * is dynamic (Example:

3. *
4. *
6. Remote Service/Servers IP address/FQDN1. https/443
2. https/443
3. http/80
4. https/443
5. https/443
6. Concord/
4022 (Visual Studio version dependent)1. Query .json file for app service SKU size
2. Various Azure RM calls
3. Site warmup call via
4. Customer's targeted App Service Kudu endpoint
5. Query Site Extension version published in
6. Remote debuggingAzure Stream Analytics

HDInsight to view, submit, run, and manage ASA jobs

Used to browse HDI clusters, and to submit, diagnose, and debug HDI jobs

Azure Data Lake*
*.azuredatalakeanalytics.nethttps/443Used to compile, submit, view, diagnose, and debug jobs; used to browse ADLS files; used to upload and download filesPackaging Service[account]
nuget.orghttps/443The *, *, and * are only required for certain build task scenarios (for example: NuGet Tool Installer, Node Tool Installer) or if you intend to use public upstream with your Feeds. The other three domains are required for core functionality of the Packaging service.Azure DevOps Services* to connect with Azure DevOps ServicesAzure Service Bus* and 5672,
https/443Used to create queues, topics, and subscriptions.
Also used to send/receive messages to/from Service Bus queues and topics.Azure Cosmos DB* to call core document database APIs.Developer to call Developer Community Feedback Tool APIs (my issues, search, vote, comment, submit, upload, resume)Intellicode*.intellicode.vsengsaas.visualstudio.comhttps/443Used to call Intellicode APIsLive Share*.liveshare.vsengsaas.visualstudio.comhttps/443Used to call Live Share APIsGitHub Codespaces*.online.visualstudio.comhttps/443Used to call GitHub Codespaces APIsJavaScript Automatic Type Acquisitionregistry.npmjs.orghttps/443Used to install TypeScript type definitions to provide IntelliSense for popular JavaScript librariesVisual Studio Subscriptions Licensing
Licensing/ClientRightshttps/443Licensing for online activationDebugger1.






Used for downloading debugger bits for .NET Core debugging on Unix / macOS over SSH

Used for downloading debugger bits for remote Windows Docker container debugging

3. Used for .NET Framework source stepping

(Video) Block or Allow Applications Accessing Internet in Windows 10 Firewall

(If user opts-in) Used for downloading symbols published to symbol server.

5. (If user opts-in) Used for downloading MS symbols and binaries, might also be needed for debugging managed code in dumps

GitHub Codespaces*.online.visualstudio.comhttps/443Used to call GitHub Codespaces APIsXamarin Android App Publishing* to interact with Google Play Store service to publish/upload Xamarin Android Applications directly from Visual Studio.Visual Studio Search to provide AI-enabled Visual Studio Search Service in Ctrl+Q search boxAzure Container Registry*.azurecr.iohttps/443Access container registries hosted on Azure, for configuration of CICD pipelinesVisual Studio for Mac Updatersoftware.xamarin.comhttps/443Used to get the list of available updatesVisual Studio for Mac Error to collect reliability reports for crashes, unresponsiveness, and delays


What workloads should I install Visual Studio 2019? ›

For the instructional purposes of this e-book, the following workloads are required:
  • ASP.NET and web development.
  • . NET desktop development.
  • Universal Windows Platform development.
  • Mobile development with . NET.
  • . NET Core cross-platform development.
19 Aug 2019

Is Visual Studio installed for all users? ›

User setup versus system setup#

The system setup requires elevation to Administrator privileges and will place the installation under Program Files. This also means that VS Code will be available to all users in the system. See the Download Visual Studio Code page for a complete list of available installation options.

How do I change the proxy code in Visual Studio? ›

How to setup Proxy settings in Visual Studio Code?
  1. File > Preferences > Settings.
  2. Navigate to the HTTP settings section and you will find settings for proxy as shown in below image:
29 Jun 2017


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