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Key Topics

  • Marketing Management - Uber Eats
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Current Value and its Position in the Market
  • Research Method
  • Future Value Proposition
  • Current Value Analysis
  • Current Value Position
  • Marketing Promotion Plan
  • Objective of the marketing promotional mix element
  • Digital promotion
  • Budget Allocation
  • Conclusion
  • References

Executive Summary

This study has been conducted to gain an insight into the service offering of Uber Eats which was founded in San Francisco, California, the United States in 2014. Uber Eats is growing very rapidly all over the globe by offering high-quality food.
The main purpose of the study is to gain an understanding of the Uber Eats marketing strategy such as its value proposition, current value, and position in the food market, marketing promotion plan as well as media and budget allocation for each promotion mix.
This study is about the service offering of Uber Eats in Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne, Australia is one of the food capitals of the world. Therefore, Uber Eats has stepped into the food market of Melbourne, Australia. The focus of this study is to analyze the current value position of the business in the market and analyze the competitors of Uber Eats and find the position of the business in the food market of Melbourne, Australia. The future value proposition of Uber Eats has been covered in this paper. Apart from this, promotion strategy and promotion mix of Uber Eats has also been covered in this paper. Research methods and research tools that have been used to collect the required information have been discussed as well.


Uber Eats is a platform for online ordering and delivering meal which is based in San Francisco, California. Uber Eats was launched in 2014 by Uber Technologies a ride-hailing company (Woodcock, 2016). Uber Eats is expanding its business all over the globe. There are several partner restaurants of Uber Eats in more than a dozen of cities all over the world. The Uber Eats provides its website as well as mobile application to order the food. It was founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp in August 2014 (Woodcock, 2016). The Headquarter is in San Francisco, California, United States. Uber Eats is performing well in Australia also, and many restaurants and food center have signup with Uber Eats.


The aim of Uber Eats is to develop and deliver a better value to a home delivery service in Melbourne, Australia.


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The type of service that has been selected is Home Delivery of Foods. Uber Eats is going to enter a home delivery segment of service in Melbourne, Australia. Home delivery service is one of the best services nowadays to boost up the business. There is a high potential for this service. Therefore, Uber Eats has aimed to develop and deliver a better value to a home delivery service in Melbourne.

Target Market

The target market is the market the company selects to serve or provides its goods or services. Uber Eats is targeting to serve a millennial market which is characterized by the young working crowd. It means the target market of Uber Eats is a young working population of Melbourne.

Current Value and its Position in the Market

Uber Eats has established it steps strongly in the market. The current value of the startup is around $68 billion. Uber Eats is going to complete its second year successfully in the market of Australia. In just two years Uber Eats has changed the landscape of the Australian food market. One of the food capitals of the world is Melbourne (Carey et al., 2016). Therefore, for Uber Eats the food market of Melbourne is an opportunity to serve. The main aim of the Uber Eats is to serve the best food with high quality. The people of the city are very concerned about their culture and lifestyle, and they do not compromise with their culture and lifestyle (Carey et al., 2016). Uber Eats has found this sentiment of the local people and used it to gain their trust. Uber Eats fulfills the sentiments of the consumers regarding their culture and lifestyle. Uber Eats has increased its supply chain and provides food at the doorstep of the consumer so; the consumers need not be present physically at the outlet of the Uber Eats to get food. The Uber Eats has positioned in the mind of the customers. By doing this, it is improving its position in the food market of Melbourne every day. However, there is tough competition in the food market of Melbourne. The main competitors of Uber Eats are Menulog and Foodora (Connor et al., 2015).

Marketing Management - Uber Eats (2)

The Uber Eats needs to position itself strongly in the food market of Melbourne to outdo its competitors and gain competitive advantage. Uber Eats has already focused on the culture and lifestyle of the Melbourne. It needs to strongly follow the same strategy to outdo its competitors because the people of the city are more concerned about their culture and lifestyle and cannot compromise with the culture and lifestyle. If the Uber Eats follow the same strategy, it will be easy for it to gain the trust of the people as well as competitive advantage.

Research Method

Research is a scientific way to collect or gather required information on the subject in question (Matthews et al., 2014). It is very important to collect the required information to compete in this competitive world. There is cut-throat competition in each field and to compete or outdo the competitors every business requires relevant market information. Research methods such as interview of target audience, response of target audience through questionnaire, analysis of existing data such as literature review, magazine, journals, articles, internal data or data which is recorded by the company itself such as sales rate, demand and supply of product in a particular period of time, etc.
In this paper qualitative research has been used to collect the required information regarding the home delivery service of Uber Eats. Qualitative research is exploratory research which is used to get an insight into the underlying opinions, motivations, and reasons. Qualitative research helps in developing ideas to solve the problem in question (Silverman, 2016). It helps in gaining the insight into the problems. Both primary and secondary data have been collected to get an insight into the problem. The tools that have been used in research to collect the information are interviews (personal as well as telephonic interviews), questionnaire (through the mail), and global devices such as global positioning system, a social platform such as Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, and Chatroom. For primary data interviews and questionnaire, methods have been used, and other tools have been used for collecting secondary data.

Future Value Proposition

The value proposition is a marketing statement of a business which is used to describe why a customer should use the service or buy a product of the business. The value proposition is used to encourage a consumer to buy the product or services of the company by convincing the customer that the product or service will provide a better solution to the problem or add more value than the products or services of the competitors (Osterwalder et al., 2014). It is also used to target the potential consumers of the company.
The future value proposition of the Uber Eats should include the most important attributes of the service to motivate and encourage making a purchase. The Uber Eats should include the satisfier and avoid dis-satisfier from the value proposition. The value proposition of the Uber Eats must ensure that along with basic needs higher value would be met.

Marketing Management - Uber Eats (3)
To create an effective value proposition the Uber Eats should strengthen its supply chain as well as it should provide prompt services to the customers. It should also research the value proposition of its competitors and try to outdo its competitors. Apart from this, the Uber Eats should also strengthen its ecosystem to create its effective value proposition.
Marketing Management - Uber Eats (4)
Value Proposition of Uber Eats"We have the highest quality of food of your choice to stay at the top of the food industry. If the food is not making you satisfied by meeting your taste, quality, and choice at your convenient place and at the time of need, it is not food”.

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Current Value Analysis

Value analysis is somewhat which make the offering or the product or services sell or work. The current (CPV) that is customer perceived value of Uber Eats offering in the mind of a potential customer is quite satisfactory and providing a handsome profit. As people are passionate about eating good and yummy foods from restaurant in Australia as Australia is the top in food industry or we can say that in beverages keeping in mind this fact Uber Eats also enter in to the new market of Australia and performing well in this new market in Australia by delivering its food on time and with least cost and with better quality which in return providing and making its value at high that is the value of Uber Eats is increasing day by day in Austria also (Miles, 2015). People from Australia love and now become passionate about the speed of Uber Eats delivery system, as Uber started to provide of free home delivery with less time so now people are not supposed to come out of their comfort zone that is home to restaurant and to be seated on restaurant seat to have a food now Uber Eats provides home service so they are enjoying this facility of home delivery and feeling pride and satisfied which is building the good brand image of Uber Eats in Australia as well. So Uber Eats gained a great value in term of customer perceived value for home delivery of Uber Eats (Miles, 2015).
Customer perceived value simply means the total difference between all the evaluation of benefits and cost of the offering and its alternatives available in the market (Carlson et al., 2015). So the value of the customer can be increased mainly by two ways or method, and that is just by offering the service with some emotional and functional benefits and or just by reducing any one or more cost which is involved in offerings. So here Uber Eats is offering the service at least cost, and it is emotionally attaching itself to the general customer of Australia (Woodcock, 2016).
So the customer perceived value toward Uber Eats home delivery services is much satisfactory as it is offering as per the requirement of the customer in the market and providing a simple app to book your order with a single click. The people can select desirable food and avail within a 30 min of time at home (Woodcock, 2016).

Current Value Position

Service of home delivery of Uber Eats is at the growing and grooming stage, and this service of home delivery is the prime concern of Uber Eats to increase its value as customer perceived value in the food industry especially in Australia as people are so passionate of eating food from restaurant but somehow they need to go to restaurant which some time was not possible for them as they don't want to go out from their comfortable home to restaurant. So, the Uber Eats has brought the tradition of home delivery service which was appreciated by the potential customer of Australia which not only increased revenue but also increased its customer perceived value and which in turn leads to making more potential current and future customer (Pugliese, 2016). Uber Eats full filling its promise also of delivering its services on time at least cost which is not only increasing its value proposition also.
Various competitors are competing in this market to make customer perceived value satisfactory and good As Uber Eats has the good and satisfactory customer perceived value in Australia regarding;

  1. Timely delivering services

  2. Best quality of food is some of the major value which brings success in the Australia food market.

Competitors of Uber Eats are Menulog and Foodora, so they are also trying their hard to cope-up with the challenges in the market and to make good customer perceived value by offering high quality of food and services and on time (Connor et al., 2015). Competitors can only be competitive if they use to provide the services with high quality and at least possible time.

Marketing Promotion Plan

Marketing promotion plan simply means that we should execute all our marketing strategies to achieve and meet our objectives which are predefined and formulated (Armstrong et al., 2015). Without proper marketing promotion plan all the hard work and all the effort you put will go in to ruin or vain as it will not bring any profit out of it neither full objectives are in order to achieve all organizational goals, and objective an organization should make proper marketing promotion plan to execute its process and activities in order to yield profit and to achieve aims and objective of the organization which are predefined (Andrews et al., 2017).
It has been noticed that even a good offering are failing in the market and the reason is poor or lack of proper marketing promotion plan. In a way to stay updated and to make the target audience aware about your offering, you need to formulate a proper marketing plan or promotional plan to execute all other actives in a right way or manner and to achieve your objective.

Objective of the marketing promotional mix element

In the field of marketing promotional mix can be defined as or described as a constituent of promotional items chosen mainly by the marketer which helps the organization to achieve its goals and objectives (McDonald et al., 2016). Marketers believed that there is an optimal way of allocating the budget to different elements of marketing or promotional mix to achieve objective and goal which are predefined.
Various elements are

Digital promotion

It is a form of more than one electronic media to advertise and market the services, or the product example are social media which is a very good platform to advertise and market and to reach the maximum target customer (Castro et al., 2017). Uber Eats is also very efficiently using digital communication and promotion as a platform to make their offering in the limelight, in a way to capture the maximum customer as the people in Australia are very active on a social media platform. And in the same way advertisement is also a part of this promotion mix but it is a non-paid platform used to make large people aware of the offering by some sponsor.

Budget Allocation

According to the need for promotion and objectives, we need to allocate the budget on the particular element. Take an example of Uber Eats in Australia as most of the people are on social media and they are very active on it also. So, to invest and have a good amount of budget in social media through the digital platform is fruitful (Verroios et al., 2015). As through social media, the offering is displayed and can be reached to the maximum customer in Australia. So, to increase a sale, Uber Eats can use social media as a tool or platform. So, accordingly, the marketers need to evaluate the budget and allocate the budget in respective elements of marketing mix (Verroios et al., 2015). Uber Eats use to allocate maximum budget on digital communication because people in Australia are more active on social site and media. So, this is a right platform for Uber Eats to make aware of its offering that is home delivery service.


Uber Eats is a subsidiary of Uber technology based in San Francisco, California, United States of America. It was founded in 2014 and growing very rapidly all over the world. Uber Eats makes restaurants as its partners to maximize the reach of the business. It has stepped into the food market of Melbourne, Australia which is one of the food capitals of the world. The food market of Melbourne, Australia is an opportunity for the Uber Eats. Uber Eats is entering the online business. The consumers can order food from Uber Eats by using its website and mobile application. The business aims to develop and deliver a better value to a home delivery service in Melbourne, Australia. Uber Eats is strengthen the value proposition of the business by strengthen its ecosystem as well as strengthen the relationship with the suppliers to convince the consumer to make a purchase.
The Uber Eats can deliver the values to the potential consumer. The people of Melbourne, Australia are very much concerned about their culture and lifestyle and the Uber Eats is fulfilling this sentiment of the people to gain a competitive advantage in the market. The Uber Eats has position itself in the mind of the customers by providing high-quality products and services. The position of the Uber Eats in the market against its competitors is improving day by day. The customer perceived value is also improving as compared to its competitors. The home delivery service is at the boom, and every business is trying to enter in this segment. Uber Eats is gaining the benefits of online home delivery service. Uber Eats is using digital promotion and investing the handsome amount of money on digital promotion because most of the population of the country have been digitalized. Almost everyone is using the social platform, so it is important as well as effective to go digital to promote the business.


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What is Uber's marketing mix? ›

Uber marketing mix (Uber 7Ps of marketing) comprises elements of the marketing mix that consists of product, place, price, promotion, process, people and physical evidence.
Product Element in Uber Marketing Mix (Uber 7PS of Marketing)
FlashMatch with closest Uber Taxi or UberX
15 more rows
21 Jul 2021

How do I set up uber eats manager? ›

How do you access it? Go to and login with your email address you've been receiving communications about Uber Eats. Note: You should have received an email titled “Welcome to Uber Eats”, where you'll find a link to either login (using your same email address) or create an account.

What framework does Uber eats use? ›

Uber Eats

Uber used React Native as a core framework in its tech stack, ensuring that this app could be accessed on iOS and Android platforms. Developers love React Native because this technology helps them build native navigation and authentication system with Web-View pointing.

How do you increase sales on Uber eats? ›

Market your business on the Uber Eats platform
  1. Market your business on the Uber Eats platform. ...
  2. Expand your reach. ...
  3. Get noticed with ads. ...
  4. Reward your regulars with loyalty programs. ...
  5. Attract new customers with promotions.

Who is the target market for Uber Eats? ›

Target Audience of Uber

The majority of Uber customers are between the ages of 20 and 40. In addition, for Uber Eats the defined target market will be bachelors who don't have time for cooking, people who don't know how to cook, and occasionally everyone beyond that.

What are the 7 P's of marketing? ›

It's called the seven Ps of marketing and includes product, price, promotion, place, people, process, and physical evidence.

What is Uber manager app? ›

The Uber Eats Manager app is a mobile solution that provides real-time metrics for your business so that you can manage it anytime and anywhere.

Can two people use the same Uber Eats account? ›

Account sharing is prohibited, as outlined in Uber's Community Guidelines, and serious or repeated reports indicating another person may have used your account may result in loss of access to the app. We have zero tolerance for confirmed complaints of this nature.

Can I do Uber Eats in multiple cities? ›

Can You Drive for Uber Eats in Multiple Cities? You can drive and deliver restaurant food orders in multiple cities for Uber Eats. You can travel outside your town or city and even across state lines with some exceptions.

What platform does Uber use? ›

Uber's approach to data

Uber uses big data systems as a foundation for its technologies, with tools such as Riak, Postgres, Redis, and MySQL. Also, the company is extending MySQL with its distributed column store to orchestrate the data processes. Uber uses Riak, Postgres, Redis, and MySQL for its big data systems.

Which database does Uber use? ›

Uber uses a NoSQL database (schemaless) built on top of the MySQL database. Redis for both caching and queuing. Some are behind Twemproxy (which provides scalability of the caching layer).

What software was used to create Uber? ›

Uber's engineers primarily write in Python, Node. js, Go, and Java. They started with two main languages: Node. js for the Marketplace team, and Python for everyone else.

How much commission does Uber Eats take? ›

At the time of writing, Uber Eats is taking 35% of the cost of an order but is hoping to go down to 30% to win over more customers. Meanwhile, Deliveroo charge an average of 20-25% commission, with a cap at 30%.

How does the Uber Eats driver algorithm work? ›

Uber Eats' approach combines historical data, near-real-time data and real-time data. “With a global matching algorithm, we are able to consider all jobs and supplies at the same time,” he said. “We are able to solve the entire set of jobs and supplies in a single global optimization problem.”

How does Uber eat work? ›

Follow your order in the app. First you'll see the restaurant accept and start prepping. Then, when the order's almost ready, a nearby delivery person—in a car, on a bike, or on a scooter—will go to the restaurant to pick it up. Next, they'll drive or ride to you.

What is the market segmentation? ›

Market segmentation is an extension of market research that seeks to identify targeted groups of consumers to tailor products and branding in a way that is attractive to the group.

Is Uber Eats b2c or B2B? ›

Restaurant partners with Uber Eats fall under the business to business (B2B) aspect of the strategy.

What are the 5 C's of marketing? ›

The 5 C's stand for Company, Collaborators, Customers, Competitors, and Climate.

What are the 5 M's in marketing? ›

The five elements need to be considered as assets which the organisation has committed to its current marketing strategy and they include Manpower (Staffing), Materials (Production), Machinery (Equipment), Minutes (Time) and Money (Finances).

What are the 4 C's of marketing management? ›

The 4Cs (Clarity, Credibility, Consistency, Competitiveness) is most often used in marketing communications and was created by David Jobber and John Fahy in their book 'Foundations of Marketing' (2009).

Who is the manager of Uber eats? ›

Vince Ho - Partner Manager, Uber Eats & Postmates Enterprise Team - Uber | LinkedIn.

How do I change my uber eats manager hours? ›

To edit your menu hours on Uber Eats Orders:

Tap the menu icon and then tap “Hours” Select a menu from the dropdown and tap “Edit hours.” You can assign different hours for different days of the week. Update your hours and tap “Update.” Managers will receive an email confirmation of the change.

How do I set up uber eats for my business? ›

Tap “Turn on”. Select an existing payment method or tap “+ Payment method” to begin placing orders on your Uber Eats for business account.
Creating a business profile for Uber Eats
  1. Toggle from “Personal” to “Business” on the payment selector at the bottom of the check-out screen.
  2. Tap “Join account”.
  3. Tap “Join now”.

Can my wife deliver Uber Eats with me? ›

Friends and family members can drive with you while you're delivering for Uber Eats, but make sure that having passengers with you doesn't interfere with your deliveries or your safety.

Can I use Uber to pick up my kid? ›

If you're using your Uber account for the Uber family profiles for your children to request a ride, they must still be accompanied by an adult to be allowed to ride. As such, drivers may also ask for ID verification to check a rider's age if they think it is necessary.

Can you have people in the car with you while doing Uber Eats? ›

The good news is that you can have a passenger while driving for Uber Eats, so long as they don't interfere with your work. So if you're not fleet of foot or if you have a medical condition that makes deliveries difficult, having a friend with you is a great way to avoid overexerting yourself.

What is the max distance for Uber Eats? ›

Uber Eats generally chooses to stay within a five-mile radius of the restaurants they service. However, their delivery zones are determined primarily by their site's algorithm.

Why am I not receiving Uber Eats requests? ›

Tap the preferences icon at the bottom right of the “Trip Planner” screen. Make sure it says “ON” under “Deliveries”. If it says “OFF”, tap “Deliveries” to turn on these requests.

Where is busy area on Uber Eats? ›

Your app will let you know when Uber Eats is busy in a particular area. On your homescreen, restaurants in busy areas will display an arrow indicating the extra fee.

What does Uber stand for? ›

The name Uber is derived from the German word meaning "above all the rest," a bedrock principle Kalanick and Camp wanted for their fledgling company.

How does Uber platform work? ›

Uber is a platform where those who drive and deliver can connect with riders, eaters, and restaurants. In cities where Uber is available, you can use the Uber app to request a ride. When a nearby driver accepts your request, the app displays an estimated time of arrival for the driver heading to your pickup location.

How Uber uses Google Analytics? ›

Uber store and monitor data on every journey their users take, and use it to determine demand, allocate resources and set fares. The company also carry out in-depth analysis of public transport networks in the cities they serve, so they can focus coverage in poorly served areas and provide links to buses and trains.

Which algorithm is used in Uber data analysis? ›

The dataset includes primary data on Uber pickups with details including the date, time of the ride as well as longitude-latitude information, Using the information, the paper explains the use of the k-means clustering algorithm on the set of data and classify the various parts of New York City.

How Uber uses Python? ›

Uber has millions of users using the application to call for rides at any time. To be precise, Uber's Python application development uses extend from frontend to backend functions. The company is using Python for its ability to conduct mathematical calculations.

How do I make an app like Uber? ›

How to Make an App Like Uber: Features
  1. Carry out extensive market research and create a business model based on market demand.
  2. Create the buyer persona and draw a customer journey map.
  3. Define the Unique Selling Points of the app and the business objectives.
  4. Determine the features' set.
  5. Hire an app development agency.

How much does it cost to make an app like Uber? ›

Uber app development costs between $100,000 to $170,000 for one platform (iOS or Android). The more platforms and features you add, the higher the development cost.

Is Uber open source? ›

Uber has been an open source software user since the beginning,” said Brian Hsieh , head of open source at Uber. “But over the years, Uber has also contributed to the community and created many popular projects like Jaeger , Horovod , Ludwig , , , and Pyro .”

Does Uber Eats take 30%? ›

Uber Eats has confirmed the delivery platform will drop commission fees by 5% after growing calls from the industry. The food delivery company released a statement today announcing a raft of measures in response to the current operating environment. Commission fees will decrease from 35% to 30% on a permanent basis.

Does Uber Eats take 30 %? ›

Uber Eats notes on its website that it charges restaurants a 30 percent fee for delivery and a 15 percent fee per order for pick-up, unless a restaurant negotiates a different rate.

Why are Uber Eats fees so high? ›

When there are more orders in a certain area than delivery people who are able to deliver them, the delivery fee may be higher than usual to ensure you can still get the items you want, when you want it. Your app will let you know when there aren't enough delivery people in a particular area.

How do you beat Uber algorithm? ›

4 Ways to Beat Uber Surge Pricing
  1. Time Your Uber Right. Uber's algorithm increases prices during times of high demand. ...
  2. Download the Uber Driver App. Here is one of the best ways to avoid surge pricing: Download the Uber Driver app to your phone and create an account. ...
  3. Buy an Uber One Pass. ...
  4. Try Another Ridesharing App.
20 May 2022

Does Uber Eats know if you tip? ›

Yes, delivery drivers and rideshare drivers have their own versions of the app on their phones and they'll see your tip amount for every Uber Eats order. If customers tip after delivery, the driver will receive a push notification when the tip after delivery is added, and their income breakdown will be updated.

Do Uber Eats drivers get paid for waiting? ›

Based on our time-based pricing structure, you are compensated for your wait time. If your wait exceeds 10-15 minutes, we suggest that you cancel the delivery or reach out to support at 1-800-253-9435.

How do I increase my Uber Eats sales? ›

13 Ways to increase your Uber Eats ranking
  1. Improve Uber eats star ratings and online reviews. ...
  2. Acquire feedback from your customers in a seamless way with QR codes. ...
  3. Provide discounts or special offers. ...
  4. Digitize food packaging. ...
  5. Allow placement for advanced orders.
11 Jul 2022

Why is Uber Eats so popular? ›

It's simple because you just type in the delivery address, search for restaurants in the area, and they can get the food you order from them, and you didn't even have to leave the house! Even if I cooked a meal, I will still use Uber Eats to order dessert because I'm not much of a baker.

How does Uber Eats benefit restaurants? ›

Why do Restaurants use Uber Eats? Restaurants partner with Uber Eats primarily to expand their business and reach more customers. As a partner, restaurants can take advantage of Uber Eats name recognition and dedicated marketing campaigns.

What type of marketing did Uber use in the beginning? ›

In its earliest days, social media was a core element of Uber's word-of-mouth marketing strategy. The company courted tech influencers in the San Francisco area to spread its message, highlighting a local service on a global scale.

Who is LYFT's target market? ›

Target Audience: Lyft's primary target was philanthropically inclined American ride-hailing service users between the ages of 18 and 49.

What is LYFT marketing strategy? ›

Lyft's marketing strategy focuses on various communication channels ranging from national broadcast campaigns to more direct communications like email and social media engagement. Lyft also benefits from positive word of mouth in the existing Lyft rider community.

How does Uber use digital marketing? ›

Uber employs Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as it's main digital marketing channels. Facebook and Twitter allow users to post positive and negative feedback, allowing Uber to be in direct contact with its customers. Instagram is where Uber unveils new features, and offers exclusive deals and discounts.

What strategies make Uber attractive to the marketplace? ›

Uber attracted their target audience by offering free rides and discounts to first-time users. They took it a few steps further and also created an Uber Loyalty Program, a system that allows frequent riders to rack up points with each ride and use those points to gain Uber Cash and other benefits.

What is Uber's competitive strategy? ›

When it comes to the car hire market, Uber attracts its customers with cost awareness perks that they cannot find easily anywhere else. This marketing strategy helps people identify exactly how much they are going to pay for a trip going anywhere, with exact change, and pay for their trip in their preferred method.

What is Lyft's competitive advantage? ›

Lyft's competitive advantage centers on three fundamental principles: 1) to maintain a clean reputation, 2) to resolve customer and employee's concerns immediately, and 3) to provide a safe ride experience that will be cost-effective to enable riders to prefer their service (Srivastava, 2016).

What age group uses Uber the most? ›

Let's take a closer look at the demographics of Uber users in the US. Unlike the drivers, male and female users are nearly an even split for riders. The majority of Uber users fall in the 16-34 age range. But 35% of riders are over the age of 35.

What type of people use Uber? ›

Forty-five percent of adults aged 18 to 29 say they use ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft, whereas this drops to 36% among those 30 to 49 years old, 23% of those aged 50 to 64 and 13% of those aged 65 or older. Americans with higher incomes are among the most likely to use the services.

Why is Uber losing money? ›

Ride-hailing companies have struggled with supply and demand since Covid-19 took drivers off the road. Uber had to rely on incentives to bring drivers back, which ate into financials.

What is Uber's market share? ›

As of 2022, Uber has a 71% share of sales in the U.S. rideshare market, whereas Lyft only has 29%. By 2026, the global ridesharing market is projected to reach a value of $185.1 billion. 26% of ridesharing app users utilize ridesharing services monthly.

Why is Lyft better than Uber? ›

Lyft allows riders to tip drivers up to 72 hours after the trip is over, while Uber riders can choose to give their drivers a tip either in cash or before the trip is over. Uber has faced criticism for the way it pays its drivers, but it has pledged to make changes to improve these conditions.

What is Uber's brand positioning? ›

Multi-segment positioning.

Uber uses multi-segment type of positioning and accordingly, targets several customer segments with different levels of service. The ride-hailing giant offers economy services such as Uber X, Uber XI and Uber Pool for cost-conscious customers.

What is Lyft's mission statement? ›

“Lyft was very much founded on social and environmental goals at its base. Our mission statement is 'To improve people's lives with the world's best transportation.

What is Lyft's current value proposition within vehicle services? ›

In the case of Lyft, its main value proposition was that the company will provide safe transportation services to its users with minimum steps at economical prices.


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