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The Dynamicweb Product Information Management (PIM) solution allows you to consolidate, enrich and validate your product data in one place andpublish to all of your online and offlinechannels to deliver consistent and engaging omnichannel experiences. Seamlessly push productsto your eCommerce storefront, third-party marketplaces, portals, catalogsand more.

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Benefits of Product Information Management (PIM)

Product Information Management (PIM) | Dynamicweb (3)

Less complexity

• PIM and Ecommerce in the same platform or stand alone

• Faster implementation compared to other PIM systems

• Manage product relationships and use live frontend preview

Product Information Management (PIM) | Dynamicweb (4)

PIM backend capabilities​

•Enrich, group and organize your products and variants

• Validate and monitor changes with notifications and workflows

• Import and export your product data to Excel

Product Information Management (PIM) | Dynamicweb (5)

PIM frontend capabilities

• Standard frontend with self-service for partners and dealers

• Download product data & digital asset in relevant formats

• Deliver feeds to marketplaces, channels and printed catalogs

Experience Dynamicweb PIM

Dynamicweb PIM includes all the key capabilities to manage your product more efficiently. Your product teams gain an easy-to-use interface, 360-degree overview of products, flexible data structure, data quality, digital assets, multi-language and much more.

A dedicated PIM solution allows you to streamline the process of creating, storing and distributingproduct data and media assets across selling channels to fuel better product experiences, improve conversion rates, and growsales.

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(Video) What is a Product Information Management ( PIM ) platform, and why do I need one?

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Increase efficiency working with product information

Managing product information across departments, systems and even partners can be a great challenge that will have you spending hours on a handful of products. With Dynamicweb PIM you can reduce the time spent on product information while not relying on numerous Excel sheets and other data sources. Dynamicweb PIM allows you to manage producct data workflows across departments, product versioning, inheritance, categories, bulk edits and easy data imports and exports.

Download white paper: Why PIM is key to ecommerce success

Accurate and rich product data increases conversions

Managing your product information across channels is not always an easy task. Each channel needs different information and when some information is lacking, sales and revenue are impacted.

The Dynamicweb Product Information Management (PIM) solution makes it possible to easily deliver the information neededacross channels to get your products optimized, whether it’s on your own storefronts, across brands, or marketplaces. Rich product experiences can turn first time buyers to lifelong customers.

Watch 2-minute demo: Take control of your product information with Dynamicweb PIM

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Product Information Management (PIM) | Dynamicweb (10)

Case study: Full control of product data

Dynamicweb PIM streamlines the launch process for the new carpet collection at Ege Carpets. With PIM in place, Ege Carpets can now manage all product data from one centralized system, which allows all products to be enriched with the right data in the right place.

Read how PIMoptimized a lot of internal processes.

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Customizable product information workflows and dashboards

When you manage hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of products and have multiple departments or suppliers working withyour product information, it’s not a matter of if information errors occur, but when.

Having insights into the quality and accuracy of your product data will make it possible for you to easily identify areas that need attention. Create customizable dashboards, widgets and workflows to ensure you are in the know and can take action when needed.

Watch 2-minute demo: Setup personal dashboards in Dynamicweb

Product Information Management (PIM) | Dynamicweb (12)

Product Information Management (PIM) | Dynamicweb (13)

Product Information Management (PIM) | Dynamicweb (14)

Stay up-to-date with product monitoring

Use the Dynamicweb ‘Smart Search’ engine to define dynamic product lists – i.e. latest product changes, products with incomplete data etc. and setup automated email notifications when search is changed - in case of new products, translations etc.

Watch webinar recording:Product control and overview in Dynamicweb PIM

(Video) Product Information Management (PIM) Demo

Create product catalogs in no time and improve eCommerce conversions

Creating the annual product catalog is often seen as a daunting task that will have your teams tied up for months! With the Dynamicweb Product Information Management (PIM) you save valuable time automating the production of product sheets, price lists, brochures and catalogs.

You can also let your customers, suppliers, or employees create their own content via your website. These self-service approaches save you many hours of manual product information requests and improve your service offering to partners and customers.

See how it works in this short 2-minute video

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Product Information Management (PIM) | Dynamicweb (16)

Case study: B2B eCommerce portal with PIM

ID Identity uses Dynamicweb PIM and eCommerce to present high-quality product information in a highly intuitive and user-friendly eCommerce setting with the ability to handpick and download product data from the entire product catalog.

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Product Information Management (PIM) | Dynamicweb (18)

Edit product data in bulk

Imagine working with more product fields at the same time, instead of handling each field one at a time. With Dynamicweb PIM you can choose the visible product fields you want in your view to handle everything in the same place – i.e. product text, images, languages, categories, related products and variants. This significantly improves the efficiency of your product teams.

Watch webinar recording: Combine Products and multi-edit in Dynamicweb PIM

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(Video) What is a PIM & Why Should Distributors and Wholesalers Care?

View product updates with live preview in eCommerce

Proof (preview) of product content, direct in your live eCommerce environment. Distribute links to partners and colleagues for faster approval times.

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Product Information Management (PIM) | Dynamicweb (21)

Product Information Management (PIM) | Dynamicweb (22)

Ready-to-deploy product portals and standard front-end

Dynamicweb PIM means fewer applications, integrations and systems. It's fast and affordable to implement and maintain, and you can use it out-of-the-box for customer or supplier portals and self-service solutions for product data and digital asset downloads in relevant image and text formats including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, XML, JSON, CSV etc.

Watch webinar recording: Handling Digital Assets in Dynamicweb PIM

Product Information Management (PIM) | Dynamicweb (23)

Product data workflows made easy

Dynamicweb PIM saves all versions of your product information, so you can compare and roll-back. On top, there's an extensive workflow engine to support your processes.

Watch webinar recording: Product workflows in Dynamicweb PIM

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Product Information Management (PIM) | Dynamicweb (25)

Product Information Management (PIM) | Dynamicweb (26)

Product language translations made easy for international selling

When working internationally it is key to offer your product information in local languages and remain compliant with local law. This is no easy feat when managing tens of languages and regions.

The Dynamicweb Product Information Management (PIM) solution allows you to handle multiple brands, shops and languages with ease. Reports and notifications on the quality of your product information will keep you informed when issues come up.

Watch webinar recording: Product Versioningin Dynamicweb PIM

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(Video) nChannel Product Information Management (PIM): Overview

Case study: Reduce manual processes with PIM

Millarco International A/S deployed Dynamicweb PIM, which allows them to enrich their products with pictures, logos, text and other data much more efficiently. All the necessary data is now combined and accessible from one place.

Read how PIM made Millarco more flexible

Product Information Management (PIM) | Dynamicweb (28)

Product Information Management (PIM) | Dynamicweb (29)

Case study: B2B eCommerce portal with PIM

Ambu use Dynamicweb B2B eCommerce and PIM portal for servicing millions of healthcare professionals worldwide. All products and product information is presented in new intuitive categories resembling daily customer workflows.

Product Information Management (PIM) | Dynamicweb (30)

Start selling more online with rich product informationacross channels

Working with Dynamicweb PIMmeans fewer applications, integrations and less complexity. It is fast and inexpensive to implement and maintain, and it includes a frontend portal and an administrative portal for your whole team.

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Wondering what your PIM project would look like?

With the PIM Project Estimator you will receive an indication of the size of your own PIM project.

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What is Product Information Management PIM? ›

A PIM tool is a software solution that helps retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers to control their products in a central place. It provides one single point of truth of the product (and all its data). It is the place to gather, optimize and distribute product content data.

What is PIM and why is it important? ›

An online product information management system (PIM) allows you to collect, organize, and enrich product data, create online product catalogs and deliver reports to sales and eCommerce channels, all from a single platform or application.

What is an example of PIM? ›

Examples of the data stored and synchronized through PIM software include: Core product data (Product name, title, description) Product attributes (SKU, cost, pricing) Product specifications (e.g., dimensions, warranty and packaging info, etc.)

What is the benefit of PIM? ›

Integrate and process data: The PIM system integrates data from your PLM, CRM, ERP, and other systems. The PIM system processes the data simultaneously and eliminates the need to enter or update information manually. This decreases errors and redundant tasks.


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