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Thinking about a career in real estate?

The job roles in real estate are varied and require different levels of responsibility and prior experience. It is highly advantageous to know what each role is responsible for on a daily basis.

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This person is the first point of contact for the business. As well as manning the phones and assisting clients that walk in, the receptionist is usually responsible for a myriad of other duties ranging from stationery supply and general office orderliness to providing administrative support to the sales and/or property management departments.

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Office Administrator/Manager

This role carries a large level of responsibility and its scope is wide and varied. Duties usually range from providing support to the sales and/or property management departments (and sometimes both!) to backup support to the receptionist, trust accounting, business accounts, payroll, and often general supervision of the day-to-day operation of the business and mentoring of administrative staff.

Sales Secretary/Administrator

This role is critical, in many respects, to the success of the real estate sales department. The sales secretary has the often-difficult job of ensuring that the ever-frenetic sales consultants have all their paperwork in order.

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Personal Assistant

Often known as the ‘right hand’ or the ‘shadow’, the personal assistant to a sales consultant helps the sales consultant maximise their success. This person is required to have undertaken their Certificate IV in Property to conduct open inspections or have authority to sign contracts.

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Sales Consultant

In order to perform the duties of a real estate sales consultant, you must have undertaken and successfully completed the Certificate IV in Property. Several institutes offer this course. We recommend the Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA) or the Real Estate Training College.

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Property Manager

Almost every real estate agency, as well as running a sales division, incorporates a property management department into the business. The property manager is responsible for (as the name suggests) ‘managing’ a portfolio of rental properties. Usually, these properties are predominantly residential however commercial properties may form part of the portfolio.

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Property Management Assistant

This role provides critical support to the property manager or property management team. It can range from an in-office role handling telephone inquiries, back-end paperwork support or arranging maintenance, to an on-road role conducting open inspections and showing tenants through vacant properties. Many assistants go on to become property managers.

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Agency Principal

As a minimum requirement in order to own and operate an agency, the principal needs to have completed a Diploma of Property.

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