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Becoming a showing agent is a desirable way to work in the real estate market. This dynamic career offers flexibility and competitive pay, so it’s no surprise that more and more people are working towards becoming showing agents.

But what does a showing agent do exactly? Many new and aspiring agents struggle to identify the day-to-day responsibilities involved. And, it’s common to be unsure of which skills and qualifications are needed to get a showing agent business off the ground. So, in today’s post, we’re sharing our top tips on the steps to becoming a showing agent.

Table Of Contents

  1. What Does a Showing Agent Do?
    • Showing Agent Responsibilities Can Include:
  2. The Importance of a Showing Agent
    • Ability to Communicate Clearly
    • Strong Conversational Skills
    • Excellent Attention to Detail
    • Independent Working
    • Professionalism
  3. How to Become a Showing Agent
    • Recap: Requirements for Becoming a Real Estate Showing Agent
  4. Steps to Becoming a Showing Agent with Showami

What Does a Showing Agent Do?

Being a showing agent involves setting up tours with listing agents, then completing these tours with potential clients. As a licensed agent, the main focus is to show the home and convey the client’s sentiments about the home to their agent.

During showings, a showing agent is responsible for providing a thorough overview of the property’s features, any potential repairs, and the current valuation. A showing agent will work with a buyer’s agent to manage and support the client during the home buying process. Not only does this help to make the sale, but it also gives clients the best buying experience possible.

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Showing Agent Responsibilities Can Include:

  • Finding available properties that fit the buyer’s requirements
  • Scheduling and attending showings with potential buyers
  • Gathering information about the property and local area to share with clients
  • Providing property access for any client or vendor requirements
  • Working with a buyer to refine their ‘dream home’ criteria
  • Educating clients on pricing, the local market, and the process of buying property

The Importance of a Showing Agent

The role of the showing agent is key in the real estate industry. It has been designed to assist busy buyer’s agents representing home buyers. By having a showing agent assist with home showings, the buyer’s agent can focus more of their attention on selling homes and prospecting for potential buyers.

If a showing agent is successful in their role, the buyer’s agent should ultimately be able to handle more clients and increase their commissions (tips for becoming a better agent). There are several showing agent requirements that any showing agent will need to do their job well:

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Ability to Communicate Clearly

A showing agent is constantly working with people, so clear communication skills are a must. Ensure that you’re using plain language instead of confusing clients with jargon and be concise when giving explanations. This is important not only in face-to-face situations but on the phone and in writing, too.

Strong Conversational Skills

Every client is completely different and will require a unique approach. Because of this, being skilled at recognizing social cues and conversational preferences can make all the difference when it comes to success. Paying attention to whether your client wants a personable or solely professional approach can lay the foundations for a fantastic client/agent relationship.

Excellent Attention to Detail

One of the key showing agent requirements is attention to detail. Showing agents will often be working with multiple clients at once, so good attention to detail is important. This will ensure that each individual client’s needs are understood and that all appointments go off without a hitch. Showing agents often deal with contracts, too, and getting the details right can be the difference between an efficient sale and a frustratingly slow (and costly) process.

Independent Working

Showing agents don’t typically work in an office. The majority of the time, they’ll be out meeting clients and showing homes. Because much of this work is conducted independently, it’s important to be able to manage your workload and make decisions autonomously. Individuals with flexibility and problem-solving skills are most likely to thrive in this fast-pasted role.


This skill relates to both your appearance and your manner. Dressing smartly and appropriately for the geographical area in which you operate is key to making a great first impression. Other visual elements like your car and cellphone also matter so don’t overlook those details.

In terms of your manner, this heavily ties into how you communicate with clients and peers. It also includes elements including attending showings on time and providing timely responses for your clients.

How to Become a Showing Agent

In addition to the skills listed above, a showing agent will also need to take a few other steps to get started. The first thing needed when tackling how to become a showing agent is to become a licensed real estate agent. To do so, you’ll need to go through the courses necessary and pass the state exam.

Once you’ve passed your exam, you’ll need to find a brokerage to sponsor/hire you. At this stage, it’s important to find a brokerage with a culture and values that align with yours. It can be tempting to take any position offered when you’re first starting out. However, holding on for the right fit will benefit your training and possibly the longevity and overall success of your career.

Once, you’ve joined a brokerage, you’ll need to gain access to your local MLS. To do this, you’ll need to speak with your brokerage.

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Recap: Requirements for Becoming a Real Estate Showing Agent

  • You must be an actively licensed real estate agent
  • You must have access to your local MLS
  • Must be connected with a brokerage

To show homes with Showami you must also have previous experience showing homes and be able to use electronic drop boxes.

Steps to Becoming a Showing Agent with Showami

Being a showing agent is dynamic, fast-paced, flexible, and often lucrative. As long as you possess the right skills, gaining the necessary qualifications and getting started is relatively simple. However, it can be difficult to land your first clients and we often see showing agents fail because they don’t bring on enough clients in the first six months.

Showami is one of the top solutions to this problem. We connect licensed real estate agents to other licensed real estate agents to assist with buyer showings. Once you’ve signed up and made your profile, simply select your showing area on the map and you’re ready to start accepting showings. Fees are negotiated directly between the showing agent and initiating agent. Showing agents typically receive between $24 and $175 per home shown through the Showami platform.

It takes minutes to get started.

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