Top 7 Social Media Trends in 2022 That Every Business Needs to Adopt (2023)

January 31, 2022

New year, new opportunities.The only thing that is constant in pandemics is change – especially when it comes to social media platforms.

Social media showed to be a blessing for both marketers and users during the time of COVID-19.

Access to social media and interacting with friends and family has helped boost users’ mood, get a sense of well-being, and survive the required social distancing.

On the other hand, we have marketers who understood social media’s importance in consumers’ lives, encouraged offline customers to transfer online, and hurried up to connect and engage with their target customers’ favorite platforms. And the rise of user-generated content and creator economy skyrocketed.

The social media landscape is changing so fast. The need to stay up to date with the latest trends in emerging now more than ever.To address this, we gathered all the latest social media trends you need to fuel your social media strategy and connect to our audience on their favorite platforms.

This post will share the latest updates in social media and, based on them, analyze their current adoption and predict future social media trends.

Table Of Contents


  • 1.Direct to consumer interactions becoming more direct
  • 2. Niche social media platforms are becoming more popular. The rise of Clubhouse
  • 3. Influencer Marketing will continue to grow
  • 4. User-generated content becomes a must-have section for e-Commerce websites
  • 5. Social commerce leading the hyper-adoption of new products
  • 6. Programmatic advertising is becoming mainstream
  • 7. Social media Stories will out-throne the Feed
  • What can we expect next?
  • To wrap up

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1.Direct to consumer interactions becoming more direct

The pandemic was a test of how capable are brands to gain the trust of their fans. Those brands that encouraged users’ content, whether employees, influencers, or shoppers sharing their experience or asking questions, outperformed their competitors effortlessly.

This served as a good lesson – it’s not about the production value anymore, but the quality of human connection that matters. Building trust through interacting with fans shows to be a must-have in 2021.

(Video) Social Media Trends 2022

Several social platforms developed features to tackle precisely this:

Organize paid online events on Facebook to engage your audience

We know that nothing beats the value of face-to-face meetings. However, in times of coronavirus, online events come as a blessing.

Since its introduction,Facebook’s paid online events featurehas helped thousands of event professionals organize their events virtually. Additionally, this allowed many creators to reach wider audiences and monetize their online efforts more effectively.

As a result, the feature has led to hosting different kinds of online events such as virtual tours, make-up tutorials, live podcasts, etc.

Since now, the paid online events feature was only available in 20 countries. Facebook announced bringing it to 24 more countries.

We expect this feature usage to grow tremendously by giving many content creators and event organizers another way to monetize their Facebook presence by hosting paid events.

Go more direct on TikTok with Q&A options

Although YouTube still rules the long-form videos, when it comes to engaging with fans, TikTok is mastering it. The platform announced launching a new Q&A option that will allow users to ask creators questions that will answer in the upcoming video clips.

This is how it will look like:

New! TikTok’s got a Q&A feature!

Creators can add Q&A button to profile allowing followers to leave questions which they can answer via video replies or in a livestream

h/t @Sphinx

— Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) January 19, 2021

As you can see in these screenshots, creators can have the option to switch on the new Q&A function. Once the Q&A icon is enabled, users can pose questions via the creators’ profiles.

When tapped, viewers can type their questions in the composer.

Creators can see the list of queries and use it to prepare answers for their next video content. Additionally, visitors can also see the list of questions users have asked the Creator and even vote for their favorite one. Awesome, right?

This is not a direct competition to Reddit or Quora, but it’s definitely an innovative way to prompt fan engagement and maximize connection within the app. We cannot wait to see how this will work in practice.

This year we expect to see more than 3 billion people using social media platforms. And as the number of social media users is expanding, the number of platforms emerging in the social media sphere is growing.

This poses a massive potential for open-minded marketers to try new emerging social media networks and reach a large and engaged audience.

Here are the most promising ones in 2022 you should keep an eye on:

(Video) 15 Social Media Marketing Trends For 2022

Takeover your industry niche Club on Clubhouse

Top 7 Social Media Trends in 2022 That Every Business Needs to Adopt (1)

Clubhouse is the new community app based on audio conversations organized within niche categories.

The concept of an invitation-only platform has helped it to become viral amongst opinion leaders and community creators.

It is already becoming the first to go to location when getting relevant opinions on the latest digital marketing and tech topics (mostly). Why?

Well, because its early adopters happen to be exceptionally well-established company founders, social media marketers, influences, musicians, public speakers, and cool brands.

So what can you do now? Here are the steps how to get started with Clubhouse:

  1. Get an invitation and install the app. If you are still not on the platform, find a way to get an invitation (if you need one, let us know we have a few) it is still iPhone available only.
  2. Set up your profile, bio, pic, and similar
  3. Get inside groups and clubs that are relevant to your knowledge
  4. Listen and learn how other people interact
Top 7 Social Media Trends in 2022 That Every Business Needs to Adopt (2)

Once you go through the newbie period, you will start getting some ideas for you and your team to start getting more involved.

Being an early Club creator is a good idea if you want to adopt an up-and-coming trend very early.

So, to create a Clubhouse Club, you will need to become eligible by being more active, organizing Room chats, and similar. Once you are more involved, you can fill in the application form and apply to create a Clubhouse Club.

In the meantime, you can still organize Closed Rooms or within a Club that you are already a member of.

3. Influencer Marketing will continue to grow

The popularity of TikTok and Instagram influencers skyrocketed in 2020. This trend significantly escalated during the extended lockdowns that inspired people to become content creators and attract a huge follower base.

These networks are top-rated among millennials, but seemingly for specific industries, Linkedin is getting the throne from the more traditional ones, such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Most brands try influencer marketing to see how it works, but as finding the right niche influencers, most of the brands have gone all in.

Nearly 90% of all marketers find ROI from influencer marketing comparable to or better than other marketing channels.

Top 7 Social Media Trends in 2022 That Every Business Needs to Adopt (3)

Now, as 2021 is unwrapping influencers and their power in specific industries is undeniable. For example, once a prominent fashion influencer posts a photo of the latest winter collection or creates a live video showing how it looks like on them, the brand can expect it to sell out in a matter of hours.

This power was never seen before in any other channel – mostly because of the enormous reach these people have.

Influencers have indeed adopted the short-form video format such as TikTok and Instagram Reels videos. We should expect that this format will continue to get immense exposure and, thus, more significant users’ adoption.

4. User-generated content becomes a must-have section for e-Commerce websites

UGC continues to be the center of building trust and supporting customers in making better purchasing decisions.

Individual influencers and creators will drive brand recognition and be the first to provide reviews and promote new products.

And brands are already aware of the power of the content they create around their products.

Having social media aggregation tools such as EmbedFeed, brands can aggregate the UGC created by other people on social media and sync it with their website.

(Video) 7 Marketing Trends to Help you DOMINATE Social Media in 2022

Top 7 Social Media Trends in 2022 That Every Business Needs to Adopt (4)

Social listening will help you be on top of your brand mentions. So, don’t forget to track, analyze, and respond to conversations about your brand on social media and show them on your website.

5. Social commerce leading the hyper-adoption of new products

As we mentioned, influencer marketing is already the main channel for building awareness and is becoming the secret weapon for convincing customers to make a purchase.

Therefore, social commerce will exponentially grow in the coming years.

And the numbers are here to prove this trend:

‘In 2019, social commerce sales in the United States were estimated at 22 billion U.S. dollars. As social media’s influence continues to increase, U.S. social commerce is projected to reach 84.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2024 and accounting for 7.8 percent of U.S. retail e-commerce sales.’

Top 7 Social Media Trends in 2022 That Every Business Needs to Adopt (5)

6. Programmatic advertising is becoming mainstream

The proliferation of digital channels has made it so hard for marketers to correctly target prospects with the right message, on the right device, and at the right time.

Faced with these challenging market dynamics and increasing pressure for ROI, marketers can rely on the functionalities of social media platforms ads that are getting even more advanced options as time passes.

Targeted automatic advertising allows marketers to understand the networks’ algorithm and use the wide availability of demographic data to create relevant marketing campaigns, save time and reach out to more people.

Here are the latest updates that are changing the game in social media ads:

TikTok personalized ads based on users in-app activities

Starting on April 15, the ads you will see on TikTok will be based on what you do on the platform, such as liked videos or previous interactions with ads.

Currently, you might notice ads that have nothing in common with your TikTok activity. However, this will change soon.

To make ads even more personalized, TikTok will use third-party data from their advertising partners. Still, as a user, you will remain in control by managing these settings via your profile.

These changes will roll out worldwide. An exception will be the European Union countries, where GDPR makes it challenging to implement this transition.

Save time with automatic Pinterest ad targeting and creation

Pinterest is trying hard to rank as “the destination for personalized shopping”. The latest update shows that they are on an excellent way to achieve this goal.

The platform announced launching a new way to automate tailoring ads to different audiences with a new ad specialty – dynamic creative.

This is a massive deal for advertisers. Apart from saving them time and resources, they will automatically create hundreds of ads with unique messaging to their desired target audiences.

Additionally, this will allow them to test various creatives and identify which elements drive higher performance.

Once the update is rolled out, advertisers can use Dynamic Creative platforms such asRevJet,StitcherAds, andSmartly.ioto design their own performance-driven Pins, with dynamic audience-specific messaging.

The Stories format seems to be on every leading social platform for a reason. Stories proved to be one of the most popular growing social media trends among users. Their usage growth certainly indicates that they are here to stay (and marketers should use that wisely).

(Video) The 26 Biggest Future Trends Every Business Must Be Ready For Today

Due to the fast adoption of the format, Facebook already predicted that the Stories views would overcome their Feed’s views.

Top 7 Social Media Trends in 2022 That Every Business Needs to Adopt (6)

Here are the latest updates when it comes to Stories on social media:

LinkedIn launches Stories for Pages with swipe-up links

After introducing the Story format last year, LinkedIn just went a step further by announcing Stories for Pages, available for all Pages and Page admins.

Following the example of Instagram’s swipe-up links, they applied the same functionality withinthe Story frame.

The goal is for organizations to maximize engagement, conversion, engage with their customers, partners and fans using the LinkedIn Stories format.

This is how it works:

  1. Post a Story
  2. Use the ‘swipe up’ option
  3. Once users click on it, they will be redirected to your desired URL destination

It sounds familiar, right?

New Stories Panel at the top of Pinterest’s feeds for reaching the community

Pinterest showed that despite being a platform for finding inspiration, it’s also a great place for creators to reach their communities and share their passion and interests with like-minded people.

Since the beginning of January, some Pinterest users have noted a more dynamic format of the Stories panel, with a unique visual flair. This is not a bug. 🙂 Pinterest tests a new Stories panel at the top of the user’s Feed.

This is what it looks like:

Top 7 Social Media Trends in 2022 That Every Business Needs to Adopt (7)

Before you roll your eyes and say that this is already a familiar format, wait a minute. Story Pins are not the same as Stories on other apps. The difference is that Story Pins live within a Pin, and they don’t disappear after 24 hours.

This feature is still in testing right now, and we can expect it to roll out in the upcoming months to every user’s profile.

However, this looks like an exciting, engaging way to generate interest in Story pins and, once again, prove Stories enormous popularity.

Instagram is testing a new way to display Stories on desktop

Top 7 Social Media Trends in 2022 That Every Business Needs to Adopt (8)

Although users connect to Instagram mostly on mobile phones, it shows genuine care for its desktop version users.

As reported by Engadget, Instagram started redesigning parts of the UI to suit the big screen better. One of them is transforming Instagram Stories into a carousel format to give users an easier way to go through Stories on a desktop.

The new design’s goal is to make Story discovery and consumption a lot better and minimize the need for extra clicks.

What can we expect next?

Just 2 years ago, we thought chatbots would critically replace sales and customer service. Now, it turns out that this trend is adopted but not at all critical.

The importance of following trends is to try them out, test in your own industry, and see what will stick.

Don’t sit and wait for your competition to get unfair advantages just by adopting social networks where some of your new customers might spend much more time.

(Video) Business Trends to Adopt in 2022 from

Just be aware, follow, read and we are here to update you with all the latest.

At this point, we are closely monitoring what might be the next social media trend.

And the ‘to watch’ list for becoming new trends are the following:

  • Augmented reality;
  • Live streaming and real-time podcasting;
  • Instagram and TikTok videos displayed at the top of the Google mobile search results.

To wrap up

Is there any social media trend we have missed? We are continually updating this article, so drop us a line and let us know which social media trend deserves to be part of this list.


What are the trends for 2022 social media? ›

The biggest anticipated changes are the rise of TikTok and short-form video content. While Instagram and Twitter will continue to be important (especially to B2B businesses), 2022 might just be the year for smaller networks like Pinterest and Snapchat. Oh, and social commerce is a must for eCommerce businesses.

What is the fastest growing social media platform 2022? ›

All channels have seen an increase, however, unsurprisingly it is TikTok that takes the crown of the fastest growing social media channel in 2022. Of the 3,000 participants, 40% state that they plan to use TikTok in 2022 as part of their social media strategy.

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  • 5 - Micro wear. ...
  • 6 - Glitchcore. ...
  • 7 - The biker look. ...
  • 8 - Bohemian chic.
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What is trending on social media for business? ›

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are current social media trends in 2022, as brands try to offer an exciting user experience. Many e-commerce companies have adapted to AR-powered shopping, allowing users to try-on products before purchasing them.

What are the 6 types of social media? ›

What Are the 6 Types of Social Media? The six types of social media, though this can be broken down in many ways, include social networking, bookmarking, social news, media sharing, microblogging, and online forum sites.

How can social media grow for business 2022? ›

6 Tips for Rapid Social Media Growth in 2022
  1. Start with just one platform. The first rule of social media dominance is to focus. ...
  2. Find your niche. ...
  3. Get comfortable telling stories—lots of them. ...
  4. Leverage the power of influencer marketing. ...
  5. Repurpose content across social media. ...
  6. Build your social media team.
7 Jan 2022

Which social media is growing fastest? ›

The latest data shows that the fastest-growing social network is TikTok.

What are the new popular social media platforms? ›

12 Next Big Social Platforms To Watch Out For In 2022
  • Twitch. As an American video live streaming service, Twitch focuses on video game live streaming. ...
  • Discord. As a group-chatting platform, Discord was originally built for gamers. ...
  • Clubhouse. ...
  • Caffeine. ...
  • Whisper. ...
  • Medium. ...
  • Chirp. ...
  • Learnist.
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What are consumers looking for in 2022? ›

In 2022, consumers want to feel a stronger connection with brands, be part of a community, and get more value from their purchasing experiences.

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  • A leggings replacement.
  • Real pants.
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What are the 5 main reasons businesses use social media? ›

5 Reasons your business needs social media
  • Improved Brand Awareness. Increasing your businesses visibility shouldn't have to be the hardest task in the world, especially with the power of social media. ...
  • Cost-effective. ...
  • Engage with Your Customers. ...
  • Brand Loyalty. ...
  • Better Customer Satisfaction.

What are the three example of trend? ›

The three main types of trends are uptrends, downtrends and horizontal trends.

What are current trends? ›

Current trends means growth calculated only in accordance with changes in every country's economic and demographic fundamental data.

What is the 8 emerging trends? ›

We called those with the most potential the Essential Eight. They include: artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), blockchain, drones, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, 3D printing and virtual reality (VR).

What are the 5 trends Shaping the Future of Work? ›

The millennials, technologies, globalization, mobility, new attitudes… The employment scene is changing at an ever faster rate and it is vital to know and understand these changes.

What new technology are becoming popular? ›

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, started gaining popularity a decade ago. It has still not slowed down and continues to be one of the leading technologies in 2021.

What are the five most effective social media marketing strategies? ›

10 smart social media marketing strategies
  • Educate your audience. ...
  • Choose stories > promotion. ...
  • Produce diversified content types. ...
  • Try micro-influencer marketing. ...
  • Capitalize on customer loyalty. ...
  • Use virtual and augmented reality. ...
  • Embrace video and live streaming. ...
  • Leverage privacy and exclusivity.
3 Mar 2022

What are the 5 tips to help grow a business's social media following? ›

Here are a couple of key tips for burgeoning businesses looking to build their presence across all online options.
5 Social Media Tips to Grow Your New Business
  • Know your platforms. ...
  • Keep posts brand-focused. ...
  • Create relationships. ...
  • Organic growth is always important. ...
  • Create original content.
27 Aug 2022

What are the 4 ways that businesses can use social media? ›

Social media can help your business to: attract customers, get customer feedback and build customer loyalty. increase your market reach, including international markets. do market research and reduce marketing costs.

What are the 13 types of social media? ›

  • Social Networks. The primary goal of social networks is to help you connect with people, build communities and groups, share ideas, interests, and information. ...
  • Messaging Apps. ...
  • Photo & Media Sharing Apps. ...
  • Blogging & Publishing Networks. ...
  • Interactive Apps. ...
  • Discussion Forums. ...
  • Bookmarking & Content Curation. ...
  • Review Networks.
29 Jul 2021

Why do small businesses need social media 2022? ›

Social media is effective for small businesses because it's a great way to connect with your customers, create a dialogue, and share your brand with the world. It's not the most effective tool for generating sales, but it's highly effective for building your brand and customer base.

How social media increase business growth? ›

Social media boosts your visibility among potential customers, letting you reach a wide audience by using a large amount of time and effort. And it's free to create a business profile on all the major social networks, so you have nothing to lose. Here's a fact: social media content gets attention.

How social media helps grow businesses? ›

Social media helps get the word out and generates brand awareness. First and foremost — social media does, in fact, help get the word out about your business. But even more important than the exposure, it provides you with the opportunity to grow relationships with your target audience.

What is the 5 3 2 social media Rule? ›

So for example, if you publish 10 posts per week then: 5: Should be content from others that is relevant to your audience. 3: Should be content from you that is relevant to your audience, but not sales focused. 2: Should be personal, fun content that helps humanise your brand.

What are the big 4 of social media tools? ›

You also need to promote that content, and the big four social media channels, with users numbering in the billions, comprise the world's largest audience.
  • Twitter. Monthly users: ~320 million. ...
  • Facebook. Monthly users: ~2.5 billion. ...
  • LinkedIn. Monthly users: ~260 million. ...
  • Instagram. Monthly users: ~1 billion.
20 Jan 2020

What is the most effective form of social media? ›

1. Facebook.
  • Build brand awareness: Increase your reach and get your products in front of potential customers.
  • Consideration: Direct traffic to your website, harness lead generation through opt-in emails, blog posts and content and reach out to potential customers through Messenger.
17 Oct 2022

Which social media is the most positive? ›

10 Positive Social Media Accounts you should Follow Right Now
  • 1) Animals Doing Things. If you are an animal lover, then this is the account for you! ...
  • 2) Power of Positivity. ...
  • 3) Hello Giggles. ...
  • 4) David Attenborough. ...
  • 8) Happiest. ...
  • 9) TED. ...
  • 10) LADBible.
6 Oct 2020

What will the biggest social media trends be in 2022? ›

The biggest anticipated changes are the rise of TikTok and short-form video content. While Instagram and Twitter will continue to be important (especially to B2B businesses), 2022 might just be the year for smaller networks like Pinterest and Snapchat. Oh, and social commerce is a must for eCommerce businesses.

What is the fastest growing media? ›

Social media will be the fastest-growing channel between 2021 and 2024: Report. Zenith's Advertising Expenditure report forecasts, digital advertising to grow 25 per cent in 2021...

What will be the future of social media? ›

In many ways, the future of social media is intrinsically linked with the future of the metaverse. One way of thinking about it is that the metaverse simply is the next evolution of social media – just as it is the next evolution of online gaming, remote working, and e-commerce.

What social media platform is most used by businesses? ›

1. Facebook

It shouldn't come as a huge surprise that Facebook is number one on our list of the top 11 social media platforms for business. With 2.41 billion daily active users, Facebook is the most widely used social platform and it should be used by every business.

What is the fastest growing social media platform in 2022? ›

All channels have seen an increase, however, unsurprisingly it is TikTok that takes the crown of the fastest growing social media channel in 2022. Of the 3,000 participants, 40% state that they plan to use TikTok in 2022 as part of their social media strategy.

What marketing trends should brands be aware of in 2022? ›

The major trends for advertising for 2022 include metaverse marketing, social media and content marketing including live content and short-form videos, etc.

What is the biggest trend in digital marketing for 2022? ›

This is why, in 2022, digital marketers should be preparing for tighter privacy restrictions that will alter the way they can track their users' behavior. Google actually announced its curtailing of third-party cookies by 2023. This means many marketers and advertisers are going to need to reevaluate their strategies.

What are the new brands in 2022? ›

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  • Sunday Citizen.
  • Athletic Brewing Co.

What is the best marketing strategy in 2022? ›

Top 10 Marketing Tips for 2022
  • Look for Opportunities to Diversify. ...
  • Embrace Paid Social. ...
  • Focus On Your Existing Content. ...
  • Nurture Brand Advocates. ...
  • Constantly Optimize User Experience. ...
  • Connect Online and Offline Strategies. ...
  • Prioritize Authenticity. ...
  • Create a Memorable Message.
17 Feb 2022

What are 5 emerging digital marketing strategies to try in 2022? ›

5 Emerging Digital Marketing Strategies to Try in 2022
  • Use More Videos. It feels like marketing tips list for the past decade have talked about video. ...
  • Invest in Creating a Strong Brand Image. ...
  • Optimize for Voice Search. ...
  • Focus on Local SEO. ...
  • Don't Neglect B2B Marketing.
27 Sept 2021

What are customers looking for in 2022? ›

6 Key Consumer Trends That Will Shape 2022 and Beyond
  • Customer-Centric Approach. Now more than ever, customer interactions can have a decisive impact on loyalty and trust. ...
  • Seamless Omnichannel Experience. ...
  • Sustainability. ...
  • Digitization: All Digital World. ...
  • Purchase Directly From Brands. ...
  • Humanize Your Brand With Storytelling.

What are the top seven trends shaping digital transformation in 2022? ›

The trends shaping digital transformation in 2022 include hyperautomation, hybrid experiences, distributed environments, and an explosion of data.

What brands are currently trending? ›

While the big names on the list might not come as a surprise, it is very interesting to see the order in which they appear.
The Most-Searched Brands of 2021 (So Far) Indicate a Return to High Fashion
  • Gucci. Photo: Getty Images. ...
  • Nike. ...
  • Dior. ...
  • Balenciaga. ...
  • Moncler. ...
  • Prada. ...
  • Louis Vuitton. ...
  • Bottega Veneta.
10 May 2021

What products will be in high demand 2022? ›

12 high-demand trending products and niches of 2022
  • Clothing. The clothing industry is a big business, valued at $12 billion. ...
  • Skin care and beauty. Skin care and beauty products are having a moment. ...
  • Shoes. ...
  • Cleaning products. ...
  • Items for pets. ...
  • Coffee products. ...
  • Toys. ...
  • Subscription orders.
19 Oct 2022


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